Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Training Week: February 18 - February 24

Week of February 18 - February 24

02-18- [Monday] - 3 miles (22:09). Weather was terrible. Snowy roads solo.

02-19 - [Tuesday] - 13 miles (1:25:17).  Solo roads.

02-20 - [Wednesday] 10 miles (1:12:21).  First 8 w/ Darin. Last 2 solo.

02-21 - [Thursday] - 13 miles as:

am: 8 miles (52:45) - Solo roads.

pm: 5 miles (37:31) - Easy miles w/ Darin.

02-22 - [Friday] - 9 miles (1:01:17) - up and down to King Pine and back.

02-23 - [Saturday] - 6 miles (43:57) - easy road 6 solo in the morning.

02-24 - [Sunday] 11.2 miles (1:34:28) - Snowshoe run. Silver Lake train station to White Lake and back. Very slow conditions.

Weekly Summary:  65.4 miles.

I ran some mediocre miles this week in predominantly sh*tty conditions. That is all.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Training Week: February 11 - February 17

Week of February 11 - February 17

02-11- [Monday] - off. I actually ran .35 miles but am not counting it. I got two houses down and had to stop and walk home. I woke up early in the morning with severe abdominal pain and had it all day.  Wasn't able to straighten out or bounce around (both are kind of necessary to run). 

02-12 - [Tuesday] - 13 miles (1:28:11).  Out and back on 113/41 down to Ossipee Lake Rd.  Felt a bit better than Monday but not 100%. Stomach was sore and felt off.

02-13 - [Wednesday] 11 miles (1:14:12).  Out and back on West Side Rd. with a couple of neighborhood loops on the way.  Roads pretty snowy and narrow in spots.  First mile was absolutely brutal. I could barely run without being hunched over and was basically just shuffling along.  Almost bailed and turned around but powered through it and after a mile or so, I was able to go at an OK clip but it was struggle at times.  Abdominal pain up very high almost in the chest area.  On the way home, I got a severe migraine headache.  Barely made the drive home.  Had to stop at the store and wait it out a bit in the parking lot after getting some Advil Migraine.  Had to drive home with basically one eye open the pain was so bad above my left eye.

the girls enjoying the polar vortex
02-14 - [Thursday] - off. Can barely walk. Migraine headaches coming and going.  All right above my left eye. What a mess.  Ended up going and lying down at like 4:00pm.

02-15 - [Friday] - off. Feeling slightly better after taking a couple of down days although have been struggling with a migraine on and off.

02-16 - [Saturday] - 6 miles (46:43) - Easy roads w/ Darin. Feeling slightly better and glad to get back out and be able to run again.

02-17 - [Sunday] 10 miles (1:07:57) - 10 miles on flat roads to cap off the week.  Felt a lot better. Stomach about 90% now.  No more headaches other than the snow and cold weather.

Got a mile and a half snowshoe in in the afternoon w/ my sister and Dad later on down at my Dad's house.

Weekly Summary:  40 miles.

Brutal week. I haven't had stomach pain and headaches (together) this bad, probably ever.  Hopefully that is behind me.  Got 3 OK runs in but had to also take 3 off days.  It's not as bad to take mentally, knowing that I wasn't injured and I wasn't just taking days off because I was lazy (which has become a huge problem for me in the past few years).  I still have pain to the touch (up high in my abdomen) but it is not preventing me from moving around like earlier in the week.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Training Week: February 04 - February 10

View from Bear Notch Rd.

Week of February 04 - February 10

02-04 - [Monday] 14 miles total as:

lunch: 8 miles (52:56).  113/41 out and back. Solo.

afternoon: 8 miles (46:37).  Easy run. High St. up and back with Darin.

02-05 - [Tuesday] - 12 miles (1:17:37).  Out and back on the Kanc. Solo.

02-06 - [Wednesday] 12 miles (1:22:28).  From train station. 41 and Ossipee Lake Rd.  Was going to do a bit more uptempo stuff but it's really my first foray into speed in a long time so I kept it short. My calf was also tight at the start so I didn't want to push it too hard but wanted to do something.  I ended up doing a couple miles of on/off quarters just to get the legs used to the speed again.  Definitely did the quarters faster than I was planning, but I had no idea how to run the desired pace.  Without doing this on the track or over a measured distance (where I could do a check at 100/200, etc, it was a bit tough for me to gauge exactly so I just ran hard for a quarter mile. Quickly peaking at the watch pace was useless.  It's not accurate enough in short intervals like that. It bounces all over the place.  Also, the rolling roads made it tougher to figure out and the roads were a little messy in all the wrong places. But at the end of the day, it's a step in the right direction.

02-07 - [Thursday] - 9 miles (1:01:16).  113/41 out and back. Solo.

02-08 - [Friday] -

lunch: 7 miles (50:48) - solo Madison roads.

pm: 6 miles (46:46) - w/ Darin. Up and back High St.

Derrick and I on the way back up Bear Notch
02-09 - [Saturday] - 15.6 miles (2:04:45) - Snowshoe run. Bear Notch Rd. from Kanc side. Up to top junction into Experimental Forest, then looped down onto Bear Notch again and then down to the gate. Then back up and over all on Bear Notch.  With Derrick Hamel. 

02-10 - [Sunday] 6.2 miles (47:17) - Easy roads to cap off the week.  Was supposed to do a longish workout w/ Jeff Goupil in the late morning here, but unfortunately I had to bail on him.  My legs were just a little too banged up from yesterday to do the planned tempo miles he wanted to do.

Weekly Summary:  82 miles.

Good week after a forgettable one last week.  Moving in the right direction and feeling decent.  Legs are a bit banged up after snowshoe running for only the second time in a couple years.  It was a good time on Saturday w/ Derrick.  Perhaps there's one or two of those type efforts left in the season but honestly I cannot wait until Spring.  This cold and snow sh*t has got to stop.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Training Week: January 28 - February 03

Week of January 28, 2018 - February 03

01-28 - [Monday] 6 miles (41:33).  113/41 out and back. Was going to run twice but came down w/ the Great Flu of 2019. Legs also really sore from Saturday.

01-29 - [Tuesday] - off. Sick as hell.

01-30 - [Wednesday] 4 miles (34:33).  Easy with Darin because I felt guilty about having to take basically the last couple days off.  Feel like sh*t.

01-31 - [Thursday] - off. Sick as hell. Ending January on a crappy note.

02-01 - [Friday] - 6.1 miles (44:43).  Easy run up High Street. Feel like crap and the roads were crap.

02-02 - [Saturday] - 6 miles (43:21).  Same as yesterday.  Feel slightly better. Roads still crap.

02-03 - [Sunday] 8 miles (57:06).  Up / down to Chocorua and then back.  Just ran 8 to get to an even (and abysmal) 30 miles for the week.

Weekly Summary:  30.2 miles.  Garbage week. Sick again.  Entire house is sick except somehow, my wife again.  Two plagues in a row she has dodged somehow... Hoping to rebound this coming week.