Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week 8 - February 19 - February 25

Week of February 19 - February 25

02-19 - [Monday] PM: 5 miles (37:03)(easy 'flat' neighborhood roads).
02-20 - [Tuesday] AM: 5 miles (34:39)(E. Madison Rd/Maple Grove up and back). PM: 8 miles (easy mill)(60:00).
02-21 - [Wednesday] AM: 10 miles (1:04:28)(113/41/Kingswood + neighborhood).
02-22 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (1:15:00)(easy mill).
02-23 - [Friday] - PM: 10 miles (1:15:00)(easy mill).
02-24 - [Saturday] - AM: 21.2 miles (2:29:15) roads from the University of New England around the Biddeford, Maine coast area with Thomas Pore, Matt Sawyer, Matt Daly, and Derrick Hamel.
02-25 - [Sunday] - AM: 6 miles (45:00)(easy mill).  PM: 5 miles (37:30)(easy mill).

80.2 miles for the week on 9 runs.

Another 80+ mile week in the books.  That is 8 weeks of 80+ now in a row.  I started the week off with my shortest day of the year. My legs were pretty battered from 20 on the treadmill last Sunday so I needed to ease into the week. Unfortunately I didn't start to actually feel better until Saturday.  Got a good run in on Saturday morning over in Maine w/ a good crew.  It's been fun meeting up with runners for a change this winter.  I'm still only getting in a base but hope to start chiseling away some workouts when the weather finally breaks.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Week 7 - February 12 - February 18

Valentines Day w/ my girls...

Week of February 12 - February 18

02-12 - [Monday] PM: 10 miles (69:48)(mill). Sick.
02-13 - [Tuesday] - PM: 10 miles (66:40)(mill). Sick.
02-14 - [Wednesday] PM: 10 miles (75:00)(mill). Feel awful. Head cold or scurvy or SARS or some sh*t.
02-15 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (76:15)(roads) with Darin. Good to get outside.
02-16 - [Friday] - PM: 10 miles (77:00)(roads) with Darin again.
02-17 - [Saturday] - PM: 10 miles (69:48)(mill) after napping and laying around all day.
02-18 - [Sunday] - PM: 20 miles (2:19:33)(mill) at the last minute... The struggle is real...

80 miles for the week on 7 runs.

Talk about 80 the hard way. I felt like even more crap piled into that tiny bag than last week.  The last few days were pretty miserable with being dead tired and having ongoing headaches and just feeling like balls throughout the day.  I only ran one run each day this week and that came back to bite me in the arse by Sunday as around 4:00 pm or so I realized I still needed 20 to get 80.  I reluctantly got my 80 miles in but it was brutal. I did it without caring about making it effective. Just set the treadmill on 8.6mph, 0 % grade, and stared straight ahead for 2+ hrs and tried to not contemplate offing myself.  I probably did more damage than anything else... we'll see how I feel in the morning.

This makes 7 straight weeks of 80+ miles (which I've never done) and 11 straight weeks of over 70.  I'm still actually behind my 2015 pace for mileage but by May of that year, I was out w/ injury... so I'm not really trying to be ahead of that total per se.  I'm just trying to get my 11+ per day average (to try to land at 4k for the year). I know I probably just cursed myself with admitting that goal publicly... I think doing basically NO fast workouts or quality runs is preventing injury (which is good) but it's also making me just feel like a slow distance runner.  This week was all about getting in my miles while not completely falling apart physically. I guess mission accomplished. Hopefully I feel better this coming week.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 6 - February 5 - February 11

Week of February 5 - February 11

02-05 - [Monday] PM: 10 miles (75:00)(easy mill). In the ER overnight.
02-06 - [Tuesday] AM: 10 miles (69:48)(mill). Dead tired and medicated.
02-07 - [Wednesday] - PM: 8 miles (57:40)(mill). Mill closed early because of the storm so I barely got to squeak this one in.
02-08 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (63:33)(mill). Started slow, eased in and finished uptempo.
02-09 - [Friday] - AM: 12 miles (1:30:00)(mill). Easy. Breathing is bollocks.
02-10 - [Saturday] - PM: 14 miles (1:31:45)(mill). 5 w/up + 5 miles at 28:59 (2 x 2miles at 5:30 pace with 1 mile between each 11 min set) + 4 mile c/down.
02-11 - [Sunday] - AM: 8 miles (60:00)(mill). easy. PM: 8 miles (60:00)(mill). easy. Feeling sick again.

80 miles for the week on 8 runs.

For the most part it was a bad week.  I had developed some strange breathing problem a couple weeks ago that came and went. I won't get too deep into it but it came back on Sunday and I've had it all week. I'm on 4 prescriptions now. I spent the night in the ER on Monday night and had a doctor's visit on Wednesday. I'm not sure what exactly this will mean going forward but I'm struggling a bit with sleeping and of course running at full lung capacity.  I have a meeting with a specialist coming up.  So we'll see.  Got sick at the end of the week...something coming on.  Still managed to get my 80 in but it was a struggle.

In other sad news, my grandfather passed on Thursday night.  He was going to be 99 this summer.  I'm now out of grandparents officially.   He lived a long, happy life and was a great man.  They don't make men like that any more..  I'm just glad my girls got to meet him.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Week 5 - January 29 - February 04

Week of January 29 - February 04

01-29 - [Monday] PM: 10.2 miles (75:00)(easy mill).
01-30 - [Tuesday] AM: 5 miles (34:52)(mill). PM: 9.2 (60:00)(mill).
01-31 - [Wednesday] PM: 10 miles (69:48)(mill).
02-01 - [Thursday] - PM: 10.2 miles (75:00)(easy mill).
02-02 - [Friday] - AM: 10 miles (63:28)(mill). Slight progression from 'slow' down to 5:45 pace.
02-03 - [Saturday] - PM: 10 miles (75:00)(easy mill).
02-04 - [Sunday] - AM: 18.1 miles (2:02:40) roads in Wakefield, NH / Acton, ME with former Salming elite athlete Matt Garfield.  Was initially supposed to be about a 21 mile loop I had planned out, but a few miles in, I knew I wouldn't be able to swing it without some serious slowing down so Matt was good with just turning and doing an out and back.  Roads were 'ok' (despite being nonstop up/down).  It was flurrying and there was no shoulder to run on, but light traffic and wet roads with no ice to speak of.  We did wear trail shoes, which I'm starting to regret as I type this.  Thanks to Matt for putting up w/ me and slowing down enough to pull me along.

82.5 miles for the week on 8 runs.

Another week of 80+. Trying to focus on the positive after dropping a deuce (figuratively) on my long run this week.  I feel like I should be feeling far better on 18-20 milers at the pace we were running (even with between 1200-1400 feet of climbing) but alas, I'm only as good as my last run and today's run stunk. It was good company, running with Matt (who's in great shape and is always great to talk running with) but I felt worse than I have at any point in the last dozen weeks. Right from the start today I felt miserable and it just didn't get any better. I just hope maybe it has everything to do with a lot of treadmill running and next to zero climbing or workouts. My last bunch of long runs haven't had that much climbing and other than those runs, I've hardly gotten outside for anything substantial.  So today's long run was a kick in the balls.  If anything (other than a mental screwjob), I got in a good workout was just at pace I should have been able to handle normally.

A snapshot of the last 5 weeks....the elevation is simply all from the long runs.  The lack of 'workouts' is also telling.  But the base is there...not sure how exactly the base is going to help....but ...I guess it's not going to hurt.  Ultra's are starting to look good.

2018 YTD Mileage

Thursday, February 1, 2018

January 2018 Recap

Sunset over an old cellar hole on E.Madison Rd.... from my living room window. January 6, 2018

January 2018 Recap:

Miles: 356.6*
Runs: 39
Average per day: 11.5
Days Off: 0
Singles: 23
Doubles: 8
Longest Run: 20.4 miles
Shortest Run: 1 mile
Longest Day: 21.4 miles
Shortest Day: 6 miles
Treadmill Runs: 28
Outdoor Runs: 11
Injuries: 0
Races: 0

* Highest January ever (at least since 2008 when I have good records) as far as total miles goes.

In 2015 I had 351.2 miles (my previous best) which started off a great first part of the year for me before I got a stress fracture.  I managed to get in just a hair more miles this January but I didn't miss a day this year.  Back in 2015, I had 1 day off in January, which makes that year arguably more impressive as I was only 5.6 miles better this month.  I also did a lot more 'workout's' in 2015.  I had at least one quality workout a week that year. So far, I really haven't done that many quality tempo or interval workouts yet at all.  That's going to be the goal for well as keeping up with the mileage buildup and maintain respectable weeks as long as my body allows me to. My Februaries have typically been worse than my Januaries, but my 2015's February total of 334.5 will be tough to beat...we'll see.

Post Collegiate January Mileage:
(prior to 2013 I had virtually no treadmill runs in the winter... just about everything was outside or on an indoor track)

2018: 356.6 miles - 0 days off.
2017: 320.4 miles - 1 day off.
2016: 278.9 miles - 3 days off.
2015: 351.2 miles - 1 day off.
2014: 305.8 miles - 2 days off.
2013: 237.2 miles - 2 days off.
2012: 201.3 miles - 3 days off.
2011: 340.2 miles - 0 days off.
2010: 295.7 miles - 0 days off.
2009: 336.6 miles - 1 day off.
2008: 333.5 miles - 0 days off.
2007: ???? - I have the records of these days I'll compile everything.
2000-2006 - 0 miles in all Januaries combined.

Below is a quick (shaky) view while standing on the treadmill (where the bulk of my mileage this time of year is done)...  This was after a couple days of very warm weather and rain we had.  The drainage of Purity Lake runs right under the Mill (hence the name) where the workout room is. It was really running wild on this day.  Typically I am there at night so I usually can't see the water...but I can always hear it.