Monday, August 17, 2020

Training 08-10 - 08-16

 Wrap Up: 65.6 miles on 7 days and 10 runs. ....(Strava numbers).

Not terrible but still nothing special other than I continue to run everyday.  I haven't missed a day since July 16 (a month ago) and only missed two days since late June.  I haven't felt like I've really improved much but I've lost a few lbs here and there and know that I'm healthier than I was back in the early summer after months of down time after my surgery.  I'm not sure how much more I'll be able to progress, but it really doesn't matter much right now. At this point in time, all I want to do is continue to give my lungs the workout they need in order to have the best chances against any impending infection, etc.  I also want to be able to show up again sometime this fall down on the seacoast and be able to hang with those guys from start to finish in a long run. That will be a big win for me if I can pull that off.  For now, nothing long this past week. Just some smaller mileage and consistency to keep things going.

08-16 - Sunday: miles (roads) - solo very easy morning miles.  Then 8 miles (roads) at lunch.
08-15 - Saturday: miles (roads) - solo roads. Uptempo.  
08-14 - Friday: miles (roads) - with Darin from the house.
08-13 - Thursday: miles (grass). Bangs around the baseball fields solo at lunch.  Then later, 5.1 miles up and back on Lead Mine Rd. 
08-12 - Wednesday: miles (roads) - solo in Center Ossipee. Then 6 miles (trails) out and back on snowmobile trails from beach. Swimming after.
08-11 - Tuesday: miles (roads) - solo out and back from house at lunch.
08-10 - Monday: 10.3 miles (roads) - relatively easy lake bang with Darin from beach.  Legs felt surprisingly good after the previous day's long run.   Swimming after.  

'Most afternoons' view.

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  1. Every time I read one of your posts, I feel like climbing to the top of a mountain and eating a particular flavor of gummi bears containing serotonergic mind-expanders. Then I decide it's too much work and just zone out instead, and eventually exit the page for another blog.

    Glad you're healthy, though probably still axe-wielding insane in private.