Monday, July 20, 2020

Training 07-13 - 07-19

Wrap Up: 60.3 miles on 6 days and 9 runs. ....(Strava details).

Unfortunately on Friday I had a flare up of my infarction site on my left lung and it was nearly  knocking me to the ground.  As I type this on Monday morning (July 20), it is still 'there' and I can tell it's not quite right.  It was so bad on Friday that I had to stop work at around 1 and take some heavy narcotics which I hate to do. It affects me for days.  I was essentially junk the rest of the day.  I had to take more at bedtime and throughout the night I basically spent the time laying there hallucinating and staring at the clock as I was completely tingling and numb from head to toe.  But at least the pain was gone. I was exhausted on Saturday though.  The good  news is that I had very little 'pain' the rest of the weekend.  I just had some occasional discomfort in that area.   I have heard it is most likely adhesion of the lung tissue that has scarred up and sticking to things it shouldn't stick to...then pull away occasionally.  It is some of the worst pain I've experienced short of my issues in October and surgery complications in February.  I have had it crop up a couple times here and there and it is not pretty. I teeter on going to the ER when it happens.  In this pandemic the last thing I want to do is roll up into the hospital.  On the running side, I continued on my pace of about 10 miles per day average.  I didn't hit 70 because of the unexpected miss on Friday.  I wasn't planning on back filling too many miles on Saturday/Sunday but rather just wanted to hit an average of about 10 per day on the days I'm able to run.

07-19 - Sunday: 8 miles (roads) - Out and back 'earlier in the day from the beach. Moderate pace. Felt surprisingly good despite the heat and humidity.  Beach all day.  Multiple cannonballs and dives from the raft.
Later on: 6 miles (roads) - Out and back again from the beach w/ Darin for first 3 miles.  Then turned and headed back 3 solo.  Very hot and humid still. More beaching after.

07-18 - Saturday: 6 miles (roads/trails) with Darin from the beach.  Spent most of the day at the beach.

07-17 - Friday: zero. Chest pain and meds most of the day.

07-16 - Thursday: 8.5 miles (roads/snowmo trails). Solo JV 'Lake Bang' from the beach.  Hit the snomobile trail off of Lead Mine to cut down on the distance.  I haven't run in there in a while.  Very grown in.  Deer flies were horrible.  Amazingly no ticks on me when I popped out the other side.  Beach after.

07-15 - Wednesday: 5.3 miles (roads/trails) Solo from house at lunch.  Explored the new conditions of the main powerline swath that runs up through the center of Madison.  It still doesn't have a crossable bridge up north of Forest Pines Rd.  But it looks great. If they ever fix that bridge, it will make that a great run north/south.
Later: 7.2 miles (dirt roads/trails) with Ryan Welts from Great Hill.  Hemenway State Forest + the climb up to the top of Great Hill Firetower at the end.

07-14 - Tuesday: 6 miles (roads) at lunch. Solo. Out and back on 113/41. Quicker than usual after a relaxed first mile.  Temps were a lot cooler.
Then after work: 5 miles (roads) easy up and back on E.Madison Rd.

07-13 - Monday: 8 miles (roads) with Darin after work from the beach.  Very easy out and back on Ossipee Lake Rd.  Swimming after.  Only 1 cannonball off the raft but got in a couple sailor dives to keep the danger levels high.

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