Sunday, January 6, 2019

Training Week: December 31 - January 06

7 of the 8 from the Sunday morning group. 20 on the southern ME seacoast.

Week of December 31, 2018 - January 06

12-31 - [Monday] - 10.6 miles (1:11:24). Madison/Tamworth Washington Hill Loop w/ Tall Pines add-on. Roads were really icy in spots. Back started to get stiff. Ran through it which turned out to be a mistake.

01-01 - [Tuesday] - 3.1 miles (24:38).  Up and back on East Madison Rd. Barely a shuffle.  Threw out the back completely while shoveling super heavy wet snow.  Took 3 hours to shovel on an already bad back.  I couldn't go any faster or any farther. 

01-02 - [Wednesday] - 8 miles (59:16).  From the Ranger Station on the Kanc w/ Darin and Nick Brown. Up to Passaconaway Rd and back. Back is really bad.  Super stiff. Very limited mobility.

01-03 - [Thursday] -

    am: 5.1 miles (37:11). Easy neighborhood roads. Solo.  Back really sore and stiff. Very little mobility again but trying to get the miles in. Back slowly getting better.

    pm: 6 miles (43:24).  Another easy neighborhood run. Solo. Same story. Back super stiff.  Can't go much harder than this without serious pain so keeping it easy.

01-04 - [Friday] -

    am: 5.1 miles (34:51). Easy on the Kanc from Ranger Station. Solo.  Back still stiff but either I'm getting used to it or it's actually getting better.

    pm: 8 miles (59:53).  Easy Darin and Nick Brown. West Side Rd. to Passaconaway. Up to the trailhead and back. Back and hammies stiff.  I think other things are starting to get sore from me trying to run w/ the stiff back.

01-05 - [Saturday] - 5 miles (38:30). Easy Madison roads with Darin.

01-06 - [Sunday] - 20.1  miles (2:24:40).  Seacoast group run down in Kittery, ME with Matt Sawyer, Matt Garfield, Derrick Hamel, Mike Guarascio, Shiloh Schulte, Kanoa King, and Chris Dunn. Roads pretty icy in spots. Back was actually tolerable today. Neck got really stiff late in the run. I felt really sick and run down on the way home and just held of puking (barely). Going to be sick all week as now I have a full blown cold (as does my entire family).

Weekly Summary:  71 miles

With the back issues and the weather and road conditions being a mixed bag, it was a slower tempo this week overall, but decent volume all things considered. Also I was approaching 5k of climbing on normal road runs so that's keeping it honest.  Otherwise, it was lots of stretching, foam rolling, heating pad, etc. this week.  Just tried to stay loose enough to run.  It was a real struggle to get 50 in by the end of Saturday and then a huge effort to get the 20 in with the way I felt by Sunday morning.  As I write this, my back is a bit tight and I'm also now starting to get sick. Both my girls have fevers and have been super sick the last couple days so this week should be interesting.


  1. Whoa. You guys ran with the lead singer from Skid Row?

    (sorry - jealous of the hair).

  2. I need a haircut but can't find a good place around here...