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Week 10 - March 05 - March 11

The view from the treadmill on Thursday afternoon.
Week of March 05 - March 11

03-05 - [Monday] PM: 6 miles (42:12). Easy Ossipee lake neighborhood from Shawtown with Matt Edgar who lives in Freedom now...good training partner.
03-06 - [Tuesday] PM: 10 miles (75:00)(easy treadmill). Legs still smoked from the weekend.
03-07 - [Wednesday] PM: 10 miles (71:21) Easy Shawtown/Danforth roads w/ Matt Edgar again. First 6 normal w/ Matt, then convinced him to do 2 more easy, then last 2 normal by myself.  In the beginning of the snowstorm.
03-08 - [Thursday] - Weather was a nightmare. AM run was replaced by shoveling and snow blowing, as I could not get my car out of the driveway, even in 4wd, when I attempted to go to the mill for my lunch run. PM: 11 miles (1:16:40)(mill). Blueberry Joe back on the horse.... Got to shoot the breeze and get him caught up on all the latest Mill gossip.
03-09 - [Friday] - AM: 5 miles (37:30)(mill). PM: 8 miles (60:00)(mill).
03-10 - [Saturday] - PM: 10 miles (64:46)(mill). Started slow and worked down to 5:30s for last couple miles (which 'feels' like 4:30s).
03-11 - [Sunday] - AM: 20.1 miles (2:13:33). Portsmouth, New Castle, Rye (I got 3 town lines with authority during this run) with Matt Garfield, Chris Dunn (the younger), and Shiloh Schulte (who organized the run).  Shiloh's plan was 3 warmup from Runner's Alley in Market Square... then 14 at sub 6:30 tempo.... then 3 cooldown.  Matt, Shiloh, and I did a couple up into Kittery, ME and back to pick up Chris... then we headed out for another loop along the NH seacoast.  A little windy in spots but all in all a great run.  Pretty good pacing (thanks Matt) gave us pretty even splits.  Ended the tempo piece right at the top of the Sagamore hill and then the last few miles were down around Portsmouth's downtown (dropping Chris back off in the middle).  Great morning for a run.  There was a slight interruption during the tempo as Chris suddenly said 'oh man I think I ate too much for breakfast' and then immediately pulled off to puke for a couple minutes on the side of Rt. 1A.  Then, like a champ and true 'Cutter', he wiped the puke off his chin, rubbed a little dirt on it, and got right back on pace.  We tried to take his mind off it by reminiscing about when Patrick Rich bowled him over during a handoff at Reach the Beach last September.  Good times.

80.1 miles for the week on 8 runs.  10th straight week at at least 80 miles.  My experiment is basically to prove to everyone that you can indeed run 80 miles a week for a few months and still NOT be in shape. We will confirm this in short order.

The weather this week was a big pile of dump as we got socked with a mile of snow on Thursday (like most of New England I'm sure).  Looks like more on the way this week. Not thrilled... but hopefully I can continue to force some outside runs.

I was pretty happy with the weekend runs. I pretty much ran at the last minute on Saturday night which in hindsight was probably a mistake with the looming long run on Sunday morning and losing an hour of sleep due to springing the clocks ahead an hour... but I survived. Met up with Garfield and Shiloh and the younger Chis Dunn for a 20 spot on the seacoast again. The plan was 3 mile w/ up + 14 at just under 6:30 and then 3 mile cooldown. That's pretty much exactly what happened.  It was pretty windy at times but we all just tucked in behind Matt, hung on, and we were ok.

For those of you who are training for the Boston Marathon (which admittedly is a stupid idea if you live in New England), you may want to start following this guy for important training tips. He's one of my weekend long-run partners and the only guy on those runs that actually makes me feel almost young again.  Thanks for being 44 or 48 or whatever you are, Matt.

My usual parking spot at the Mill on Saturday night. The bridge out the island is all lit up.

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