Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 6 - February 5 - February 11

Week of February 5 - February 11

02-05 - [Monday] PM: 10 miles (75:00)(easy mill). In the ER overnight.
02-06 - [Tuesday] AM: 10 miles (69:48)(mill). Dead tired and medicated.
02-07 - [Wednesday] - PM: 8 miles (57:40)(mill). Mill closed early because of the storm so I barely got to squeak this one in.
02-08 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (63:33)(mill). Started slow, eased in and finished uptempo.
02-09 - [Friday] - AM: 12 miles (1:30:00)(mill). Easy. Breathing is bollocks.
02-10 - [Saturday] - PM: 14 miles (1:31:45)(mill). 5 w/up + 5 miles at 28:59 (2 x 2miles at 5:30 pace with 1 mile between each 11 min set) + 4 mile c/down.
02-11 - [Sunday] - AM: 8 miles (60:00)(mill). easy. PM: 8 miles (60:00)(mill). easy. Feeling sick again.

80 miles for the week on 8 runs.

For the most part it was a bad week.  I had developed some strange breathing problem a couple weeks ago that came and went. I won't get too deep into it but it came back on Sunday and I've had it all week. I'm on 4 prescriptions now. I spent the night in the ER on Monday night and had a doctor's visit on Wednesday. I'm not sure what exactly this will mean going forward but I'm struggling a bit with sleeping and of course running at full lung capacity.  I have a meeting with a specialist coming up.  So we'll see.  Got sick at the end of the week...something coming on.  Still managed to get my 80 in but it was a struggle.

In other sad news, my grandfather passed on Thursday night.  He was going to be 99 this summer.  I'm now out of grandparents officially.   He lived a long, happy life and was a great man.  They don't make men like that any more..  I'm just glad my girls got to meet him.

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