Sunday, January 7, 2018

Week 1 - January 1 - January 7

Week of January 1 - January 7

01-01 - [Monday] - PM: 10 miles (68:20)(mill)
01-02 - [Tuesday] - AM: 9 miles (60:00)(mill) PM: 5.3 miles (40:00)
01-03 - [Wednesday] - PM: 11 miles (1:16:45)(mill)
01-04 - [Thursday] - PM: 8 miles (53:22)(mill) as 3m w/up (easy) + 8x400 at 5:00pace (60 sec rest in between) + cooldown.
01-05 - [Friday] - PM: 10 miles (75:00)(mill)
01-06 - [Saturday] - PM: 8 miles (55:49)(mill)
01-07 - [Sunday] - AM: 19 miles (2:15:23) - Portsmouth, Newington, Greenland roads with Matt Sawyer, Derrick Hamel, James Soldner, Mike Guarascio, and Thomas Pore.  Bagged the Redhook course, St. Charles Children's Home 5k course, Paddys 5M course, Fox Point course, and the Chief Maloney course (as far as I know...there could have been others). 

80.3 miles for the week on 8 runs.

More of the same on the treadmill.  I've come to the conclusion that being outside in the freezing cold is dumb.  Running in place and watching the Celtics beat on the Western Conference while wearing a t-shirt and shorts and sweating my nads off seems surprisingly more compelling to me now.  I attempted one workout which made me contemplate leaving the sport (5 minute pace feels atrocious right now and just hasn't felt right since about 6 years ago) or at the very least second guessing my goal racing distance for this year.  I never think about getting into ultras again until I'm trying to do a 5k workout...then, it's all I think about.  I got in one good long run down on the seacoast w/ some mates.  The weather outside is frightful but it's always easier when there's a group ready to roll.  I'd like to try to get one 'big boy' run outside per week this winter. We'll see how it goes.  I'm not sure if everyone knows, but it's been cold out.  Nobody's been talking about it...but it's been cold.

Obligatory 'look at me I'm awesome because I'm outside in the winter' photo. Only one icicle after 19 miles in below zero windchill. - Pease A.F.B. - Portsmouth, NH, USA.


  1. We also bagged the Portsmouth Half Marathon Course (LOCO).
    Heat wave projected for the weekend so we can head over at hit all the beachy spots like Seacoast Half and/or the Eastern States course. There is no shame in treadmill running, but as long as we can find enough dumb people to run outside then we should keep doing it.

  2. Nice! Love running down there. Looking forward to this weekend's run again...