Thursday, January 18, 2018

I gained weight watching the Celtics in 2006

Following up on yesterday's post about Jo Jo White's passing, Dave Dunham emailed me asking me if that photo op was my 'biggest brush with greatness'.  I quickly responded with a no.  It was a close second...  The below is my biggest brush with greatness... posing w/ The White Mamba at the Celts season ticket holders BBQ in 2006.   Followed closely by Jo Jo.  Then Doc and Danny as close 3rd and 4th's respectively.

My favorite part of the day was listening to Sabastian Telfair get up on the stage and tell everyone how they were not going to suck that year (remember, this was 2006).

The White Mamba... (or Ginger Ninja) and yours truly. He just outweighed me at the time.

Austin's father.

Pre-heart attack Danny Ainge.

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