Monday, May 8, 2017

Training Week: May 1 - May 7 - Children's Museum 5k

Before the gun at a soggy Seacoast Series opener...

Week of May 01 - May 07 - Children's Museum 5k

05-01 - [Monday] - PM: 9.7 miles roads and trails with Andy.

05-02 - [Tuesday] - PM: 10.3 miles roads (half with Andy).

05-03 - [Wednesday] - PM: 3.5 mile w/ up on track and trails + track workout with Andy - 3 x (400,400,800) with 200 rest inside the sets and the 400 rest between sets.   Ran 73, 75, 2:33 || 75, 73, 2:33 || 73, 72, 2:30... (4.5 miles total) + 3 miles cooldown on the trails.  Windy as hell (and on the cold side).  11 miles for the day.

05-04 - [Thursday] - PM: 5 miles easy roads (solo).

05-05 - [Friday] - PM: 5 miles easy trails solo.  Ran 388 feet (according to the Garmin) with Darin and then he pulled up with an injury only 1 house over... so I had to go back out on my own...

05-06 - [Saturday] - PM: 3.5 miles w/ up (course w/ Hamel and then some strides, etc.) + 3.2 miles (on Garmin) as 5k race: Children's Museum 5k (1st OA - 16:33) (results) + 3.3 miles cool down (course + a bit extra to make 10).

05-07 - [Sunday] - PM: 9 miles trails (solo) in E. Madison / Freedom.

60 miles for the week on 11 runs.

OK week. I started out good and kind of fizzled near the end.  I did my first track workout in a year.  I just eased into it.  Not a lot of volume and the pace felt ok.  It was probably around my 'goal' 5k pace but certainly not my current 5k pace (which is embarrassingly slower right now). I think if I drag my butt to the track for one of these a week, I'll be making strides in the right direction.  It was pretty damn windy, so the effort was slightly better than it appeared.

On Saturday night I met up w/ an old high school mate of mine in Portland, Maine for dinner (it was his bachelor party).  My college teammate Brad Klinedinst was also there. I was a little sad I didn't make better plans to stick around with them but it was good to see them for a couple hours.

2 of the top 10 from the 1994 Mass H.S. All State XC Meet... oh yeah, we ran in college too...

Earlier on Saturday, I got my 4th straight Children's Museum 5k win believe it or not....and my 5th overall in 9 tries over the last 10 years.  It was my slowest time ever (by about 8 seconds) but it was also the worst weather at this event since I started running it, by far.  Usually we're lucky with the weather but this year it was pretty wet (temp-wise though it was ok).  I did feel pretty flat but kept the tempo hot enough to stay ahead of Derrick and a late-race charge he threw at me...

It's cool that the Seacoast Series is finally underway.  I'm going out on a limb and will say that I'm probably looking at running the slowest Redhook I've ever run (in a few weeks)... I can't believe the Seacoast Series is actually here though.  Hopefully the weather gets better for the next ones... I got some all important points though...or should I say 'point' (as first place just gets 1 point).  For now, I'll be keeping my eye on the open points standing. If I start to get smoked, I'll start looking at my 'masters' lead :).

My history (so far...) at the Children's Museum of NH 5k

2017 - 1st [16:33]
2016 - 1st [16:10]
2015 - 1st [15:49]
2014 - 1st [16:25]
2013 - Didn't race.  Eric Couture runs the course record.
2012 - 3rd [16:13]
2011 - 1st [15:46]
2010 - 3rd [15:53]
2009 - 3rd [16:13]
2008 - 2nd[15:56] (race in Portsmouth. Sam Wood for the win).

It was my first WIN as a Master runner which is pretty cool...

A very wet finish..

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