Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial Day Part Deux and the War of 1812

Memorial Day Part Deux....

After posting an update about the Memorial Day 'parade' in Madison on Monday, I went out back to do a little dirt fishin'.  I haven't detected too much in my backyard (in the grass anyways) because I don't want holes all over the place... but seeing my house is the oldest house in town (still standing)...built in 1779, I figure there's still some history buried out there. The house was an inn a couple times over, in the 1800s and early 1900s.  I've found some very interesting things including some old Spanish silver, British coppers, and some other nice coins and relics from the period.  But I went out with the sniper coil on my newer machine and did some slow swinging up on the hill just at the edge of the woods and landed one my best finds so far, as well as another 1700s colonial flat button, a nice old spoon, and a few other small relics.

I haven't been doing too many videos (I've been taking video here and there while detecting, but I find it takes too much time/effort and I'd rather just focus on getting more detecting in rather than trying to record all the possible good signals I get).  I didn't' film the extraction of the relic but I also wasn't 100% sure what it was until I got back inside... I have found a lot of good things this season so far and have been detecting nearly every day for at least a little bit (weather-permitting).  I just haven't posted much about it.  Maybe I'll start back up. I have a lot of footage from past hunts this year that maybe I can piece together...if I can find the time and desire to do some more video editing... I do find though that this was a very fitting find for Memorial Day.

It turns out, it's a silver plated War of 1812 US 1st Regiment Infantry Coat Button.  Apparently they are a rare find and I have found examples of these in far worse shape than the one I pulled out of the ground, for hundreds of dollars online (not that I'd ever sell these things).

Here's the one I found (a bit tarnished) and below it are examples of others online (most are NOT metal detecting finds, so they are in slightly better shape, not having been in the ground for 200 years)...Mine DOES have the shank on the back too!

the front of my War of 1812 US 1st Regiment Infantry Coat Button.

Other examples of the same button online:

Video of another NH detectorist finding the same forward to 9 minutes in....


  1. thanks Seth. Hope all is well w/ you down in the deep south of New England....