Sunday, April 2, 2017

Training Week: March 27 - April 2 - SEA 5k

My view for the bulk of my 900+ miles so far this year...'The Mill'. That is how I have to watch TV. No joke.

 Week of March 27 - April 2

03-27 - [Monday] - PM: 10 miles.

03-28 - [Tuesday] - AM: 10 miles as 4 mile w/up + 2 x 800 (2:30) + 4 x 400 (1:12) + 2 x 200 (:35) with about a minute in between each + cooldown.  Light workout volume-wise but quicker than I've been running.  65:20 total.

03-29 - [Wednesday] - AM: 5 miles. Roads/woods.  Easy recon over some remote property I got access to for the spring dirt fishing season (when this MF snow finally melts)... First 'snow' run of the year.  In my normal shoes though... Snowmo trail is in great shape surprisingly.  Pretty easy running.  Found an old wall but it ended up being on the back property line and the good piece of land appears to be on the wrong side of the wall... Scouted out a couple more areas along the snowmo trail back out to the road.  Definitely some other old areas I need to get permission on that could potentially have some goodies.

03-30 - [Thursday] - AM: 5 miles. Roads. Beautiful calm before the storm. PM: 8 miles roads. Felt like total and utter crap for some reason.

03-31 - [Friday] - AM: 10 miles.  Last day at the Mill? ...maybe ever?  At least for this winter /spring it is.... I have never run this late into the year at the Mill. I paid through March and I used it right up until the last day.  Crazy. Usually I pay for March and barely use it.

04-01 - [Saturday] - AM: 13 miles.  Re-upped at the Mill for April for the first time in history... Race was supposed to be today but was postponed until Sunday due to the foot of additional snow we got on Friday night/all day Saturday.  Probably 'over-did' it with 13 miles but I felt ok so I just kept running.

04-02 - [Sunday] - PM: 3.4 mile warmup w/ Kevin Beck, his XC teammate from H.S Troy Patoine., and Darin Brown + 3.1 mile race (3.2 on the Garmin so I'm counting that in the weekly mileage) - SEA 5k - 2nd OA - 16:31 (results).  A whopping 37 seconds slower than my win there last year.... I have work to do.  Eventually when the snow melts in June, I'll be able to get on the track.  2.5 mile cooldown with Beck, Brown, and Troy.... I temporarily have a lead in the CARS series now.  That will all change most likely when Warren Bartlett makes another couple races...  The good news is that my unbeaten streak against 11 year old Aiden Cox is still alive and well.  My goal if all else fails, is to try to stay in front of him for as long as I can.  With his progression over the last couple years, I fear that will probably only last me another year or so, IF that. That kid is legit.  His sister ran incredibly fast today as well at only 14.... 17:08 as an 11 year old (Aiden) and 18:25 for Addison at only 14 years old!  What is Tim Cox feeding those two!

70 miles on 10 runs.  

The SEA 5k was race #2 in the CARS series for 2017 on Sunday and it was pushed back a day due to the storm on Fri/Sat.  The field was a little light because of the change in days but the talent all the way up front was pretty good. Colton Ham (who I don't believe I've ever beaten and won't be changing that any time soon) was out quick right away and probably only had to run hard for a mile or so before he could relax (ah to be 22 again). He looked incredibly smooth from my seat way back in 2nd place.   I think he had about the same lead from maybe 3/4 of a mile or so to the end.  I ran to hold 2nd the entire time which was a little depressing but that's about what I have right now. 16:30 felt laborious to say the least.  The conditions were pretty much ideal. There was a little bit of wind around 2 miles but it wasn't really seeming to matter much.  The weather was 'warm' all things considered.  My Garmin splits were crazy.  5:02 / 5:12 / 5:17 and then 1:00 for the last .2 (had 3.2 on the Garmin).  I always think it's funny when I get 3 Garmin splits all under the pace I ended up getting per mile in the results.  The offset between the actual mile markers (which were not present on the course today) and the Garmin miles are usually a couple seconds or more sometimes (which adds up in a 5k).  And then the last .1 is always long to make the course official... but to see 1:00 for my last '.2' is pretty funny. That was the difference maker (although I was running pretty hard for that last bit).  I should stop paying attention to the Garmin...although today, there not only wasn't any mile markers but there wasn't even anyone standing at any of the mile marks giving out times or anything...I thought I'd be around 16:30 and I was pretty much right on.  I have some serous work to do.

It was fun hanging out and talking to Kevin Beck again. I haven't seen him since Cigna back in like 2010 or so (that was the only time I had ever talked to him in person)... We've been mutually busting each other's balls "virtually" online for the past 7 years or so... He's a funny dude and very knowledgable about the New England running scene (and obviously running in general). I always love hearing the stories and insight from one of the regions top runners back before I started running again... It was great to see him lace em' up for a race again... for one of the first times in the last 10 or so years.

I did manage to get out for some pathetic detecting on Thurs/Fri.  I went to the railroad beach peninsula near the head of the lake because that was exposed and in the sun...most of the snow had melted on the tiny beach area so I went down there with the Makro to see if I missed anything with the AT Pro last summer.  I obviously couldn't go in the water because, well, the lake is still 100% frozen over.  But on the beach,  I found 6 modern coins and nothing else of real significance. It was pretty much a waste of time. The snow was knee deep getting out there.   On Friday, I went up into the woods in a ridiculous attempt to see if any of the stone walls were exposed and maybe I could check along the top of the wall. There was an open area where there was an old logging road cut in, that the sun had been shining in and the snow was actually a little thin there.  There was also a couple of bare spots.  In basically the only spot I could detect in, I landed an old early 1800s small flat button 'WELLINGTON' makers mark on the back with a wreath.  This makes me think this Makro Racer 2 is going to be a beast when the snow finally gets the hell out of here because I have been over that spot before with my other machine and missed it.

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