Monday, April 10, 2017

Training Week: April 3 - April 9

 Week of April 3 - April 9

04-03 - [Monday] - PM: 3 miles. Easy roads late. Felt awful. 3+ hrs earlier of shoveling snow and chipping ice at my parents (they are now back for the season)...

04-04 - [Tuesday] - PM: 10 miles roads w/ Andy.  Right leg actually bothering me today and the weather is a colossal bag of crap. Snow most of the morning and snow/rain in the afternoon. Everything was slush and soaked. Freezing rain by the time we ran at around 5:30.

04-05 - [Wednesday] - PM: 10 miles as 8 miles of a hill circuit and 2 tempo miles.

04-06 - [Thursday] - AM: 5 miles. Easy roads in the rain. Felt like complete crap.  PM: 8 miles with Andy in the pouring rain. Felt slightly better than complete crap.

04-07 - [Friday] - AM: 4.1 miles. Easy roads in the rain. Felt like complete crap again. Barely made it. PM: 5 miles with Darin. Spotted him out the window as he ran by my house so I caught up to him and ran an easy 5.  Something is up.  May have to shut it down or go see someone if I continue to slide ...

04-08 - [Saturday] - AM: 8 miles on the Kanc...a little up-tempo but still felt pretty crappy. Better than the last few days though.  Actually had a little flurry come through as I was on the way back.... crazy weather.

04-09 - [Sunday] - AM: 3.5 miles w/ up - some w/ Garfield, Hamel, Erwin and then strides + 5 mile race (Reds 5M (results)- 3rd OA 26:59) + 2.5 miles c/down w/ Garfield, Hamel, Erwin, Sam, Abby, and a very well behaved dog.  Struggled in the race early and never quite felt right as has been the case lately. Went out exactly where I thought I 'should' go out (way slower than last year but considering what has been happening...), and felt terrible doing it. Rebounded slightly during mile 2 but then by 3 I started to feel like hell again. Didn't fall completely apart but still struggled to find any sort of comfort at a quicker pace.  Same two dudes who were ahead of me at the first NH GP beat me again, but in reverse order.

64.1 miles for the week on 11 runs.

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