Sunday, April 30, 2017

Training Week: April 24 - April 30 - Chief Maloney 10K

Week of April 24 - April 30

04-24 - [Monday] - PM: 8.6 miles roads and trails.

04-25 - [Tuesday] - PM: 8.1 miles roads w/ Darin.

04-26 - [Wednesday] - PM: 6 miles trails solo.

04-27 - [Thursday] - PM: 10.7 miles roads w/ Darin.

04-28 - [Friday] - PM:  6 miles roads w/ Darin.

04-29 - [Saturday] - PM: 10 miles uptempo roads w/ some climbing.

04-30 - [Sunday] - AM: 3 miles w. up w/ Brandyn Naro, Jake Wormald, Justin Soucy, and a few other GCS guys + 6.2 mile race (Chief Maloney 10k (results)- 2nd OA - 1st Master - 33:15) - 2 mile cooldown w/ Derrick Hamel and Nate 'The Great' Huppe.

60.6 miles for the week on 9 runs.

Kind of an easy week of 'recovery' after last week's 2 races in 5 days...  Got another NH GP race in and my first race as a master.   I need to start doing workouts again.  I shouldn't be racing as much as I am now without actually doing something about getting faster... I hung relatively tough today and was in 2nd from about 10 yards into the race until the end.  I pulled within 8-9 seconds of Jake (the winner and current leader of the NH GP) at mile 4-4.5 or so but then he opened the gap back up again and pulled away especially on the downhills.  Time to start getting serious.

Yelling over to Kristin that I left the car key on the roof (before she drives off without them)


  1. Hey Jim,

    Did you somehow end up with the gift certificate for 3rd place? I got the 2nd place one. I can save it for you at the next race? email me:

  2. Ha! Not sure. When my wife gets back with the car I'll check to see if it's in there somewhere. I don't remember where I put it after the race and can't find it in here... The lady giving out the certs did seem a little preoccupied when I was picking my award up and I was also talking to someone so I also wasn't paying attention...and I didn't look at it when she handed it to me... I'll shoot you an email in a bit. Good seeing you again. Children's Museum 5k this coming weekend? What's next?