Friday, April 21, 2017


I hit up the CARS series race #3 in Concord, NH tonight (NHTI 5k)(results).  It was the battle of the boys who ran Boston.  Marathoner's Derrick Hamel and Sean McCauley amongst others toed the line in a downpour tonight on the campus of NHTI for a typically fast 5k on Friday night in April... unfortunately it was only 4 days removed from the Boston Marathon...and it was in the 30s....and it was pouring....and there were flooded parts of the course...and they had to put a deep layer of rocks down in stretches (that you had to run over for 20+ feet at a time)... and they changed the starting area from the last time I ran it...I heard before the race that it was going to be slightly 'longer than a 5k'.  I ended up having 3.22 on my watch.  All these things made a normally disappointing 16:37 feel very satisfying.  Yes there isn't even a 1 foot elevation change in this race, but still, it wasn't a super fast night for me but I still made the most of it.

I warmed up with Darin Brown and Derrick over the course and felt 'ok'. This week I've run but I've taken it pretty easy to try to recover enough to just go to NHTI and get my CARS series points.  Derrick felt good enough to do a last minute registration (yes he registered AFTER warming up with about 10 minutes to spare).

The skies opened up right as the race was getting underway.  It started to pour.  Cameron Cook took off pretty early right out of the gun as did fellow CARS series rival Dylan Tuttle.  I lingered a bit and went out pretty cautiously as we negotiated puddles and flooded potholes.  I was soon hot on Cameron's tale and actually passed him not too far in but wasn't pushing too hard...I felt very comfortable.  Seemingly right after I got the lead, Casey Carroll went blasting past me.  He pulled away a little but I didn't panic.  I ended up reeling him in and went back by him.  From there (probably right after the mile or right around the first mile) I had the lead and just kept pushing through the puddles.  My hands were killing me.  I didn't wear gloves and that was a huge mistake.  Others had gloves, hats, etc. on. I couldn't feel my thumbs and few fingers by the time I finished.

I held off Derrick in the end, who was on the hunt over the last mile.  I kept looking back and getting intel from some of the spectators as to how close he was.  We were both running on some heavy, tired legs but in the end, I came through in 16:37 and Derrick was only 8 seconds back.  Not too bad for a couple of guys who are still trying to recover from the 'long run' on Monday. Overall I felt probably better than any other 5k I have run this year, which is kind of crazy.  Maybe I'm finally 'starting' to get into wouldn't know it by seeing me with my shirt off though.

Before tonight I only had 1 win all year. Granted I haven't raced all that much and didn't do any snowshoe races but still...they've been hard to come by for me.  I was glad to get another win tonight. last race as a sub master!  I went out with a bang.

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