Sunday, March 12, 2017

Training Week: March 6 - March 12

Week of March 6 - March 12

03-06 - [Monday] - PM: 10 miles.

03-07 - [Tuesday] - PM: off.

03-08 - [Wednesday] - AM: 6 miles roads.  PM: 10 miles as 3m w/up and then 4 x 1200 at slightly faster than 5k pace with about 2:00 in between then the rest cooldown (just over 3 miles).

03-09 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles.

03-10 - [Friday] - AM: 6 miles roads (mountainous dirt rds of the East Madison highlands).  PM: 8.3 miles roads w/ Andy. Again, mountainous dirt rds of the East Madison highlands).

03-11 - [Saturday] - AM: 5.3 miles easy.

03-12 - [Sunday] - AM: 3.1 mile w/ up + 3.1 mile race (Leprechaun Leap 5k - 3rd OA - 16:52) + 3.2 mile c/down.  PM: 5.3 miles because I am p*ssed.

Hit up Downtown Darin Brown's 50th birthday bash extravaganza after the race on the way home in Tamworth.  Then sat around and sulked for a bit...then went to the Mill for a shakeout and to ponder retirement.

70.3 miles on 11 runs (6 days).  One day off (unplanned).

Raced the first NH GP of the year for the Milers and scored a solid 10 points (1st in 30-39 age group = 10 team points).  That put the Milers 6th out of 8 teams (who scored points) with just me running.  Not a bad start in that respect.  But the race itself was a dud for me.  Hilly, freezing cold wind chill, and a hard headwind for the first part of the race and it was just a slow day overall. Plus I felt like complete crap.  The course has quite a bit of up and down despite what the Mapmyrun website claims ... with 3-4 pretty good climbs and one (the last one) that was a real kick in the ass and climbs more in just that hill than the website says the whole course climbs.  Very steep climb out of the 2nd mile before a nice gradual downhill/flat for most of the last mile (and it also had a tailwind).  But by then the race was already decided.  The dude out front was gone from the gun and despite pulling close a couple times, he eventually got away from me.  The kid who got 2nd went flying by me so quick on the steep downhill (that we had to turn around and climb back up) so fast I couldn't even get a good look at who it was.  I was convinced he would catch the first place guy but he didn't. I battled back and forth with a kid (who I now see was only 15 years old).  He passed me during the steepest part of the first mile and then I passed him back on the flats and then he passed me back on the downhill and then I got him back on the steepest part of the last climb.  So in that respect, I hung on and kind of fought a little bit.  But the two guys up front were just too strong for me to give them a run at this point in my season. I had 3.15 on the Garmin so the course was good (yes I remembered my watch today) but it wasn't very conducive to running super fast times.  I would put the effort similar to my other two races so far (but I felt far worse today doing it), which really indicates I have quite a bit of work to do still.  I just hope by next month I'll be a lot quicker or this season will start to really suck.  I won't break 18 minutes at Gilmanton.

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