Sunday, March 5, 2017

Training Week: February 27 - March 5

Casey, me, and Nate right after the race. Pic courtesy of John Mortimer

Week of February 27 - March 5

02-27 - [Monday] - PM: 7 miles easy roads with Darin.

02-28 - [Tuesday] - PM: 3 mile w/ up + strides in downtown Manchester w/ Huppe and then 5k race (Mardi Gras / Fat Tuesday 5k - 1st OA 16:34 (results)) then 2ish mile cooldown.  Legs were definitely feeling heavy and strained from Sunday's long workout. My hamstring twinged bad during the warmup. I also forgot to bring my damn watch so I had no clue about any times, splits, distance, etc.  Race was fun but strange running a 5k at night.  The main streets were well lit but the 'side' streets were pretty dark.  The police car and Mortimer's lead vehicle were right in front of me so that was good.  I had no clue what pace I was doing and there were no clocks at the mile markers (I actually didn't even see the mile 1 or 2 markers because it was so dark). The course had quite a bit of gradual climb in the first mile + ...then a nice long downhill before an uphill kicker one street over from the last hill of the Cigna course.  In fact the last mile is basically the Cigna last mile I believe...I went out in 2nd place behind a guy who was blasting for about 2-3 minutes. I caught him and went by before the hill started.  Then Casey Carroll screwed by me like I was standing still and I thought I was toast.  He was running hard and kept me in the race for sure.  But I fought back a couple times in the course of about 2 minutes. I yo-yo'd with him a couple times and then eventually made a move which paid off.  Somewhere just before the neighborhood loop at the top of the course I pulled away and then the rest was me just fighting to stay ahead but it just felt way harder than it should.  I couldn't see anyone behind me because it was dark and difficult to make people out with the headlights of cars on the road glaring out everything else.  I was kind of shocked to see the time on the clock when I finally crested the last hill and made the turn. Part of me felt like I was running faster/harder than that and then part of me thought I was running way slower at times....having no watch and no idea of any splits, I guess I was going to be surprised at any time I saw on the clock at the end. But being at night and having a couple of kicker hills, I'll take it. I'll especially take the win in a race of about 900 people. In February.  Hopefully by April I'll be running A LOT faster or I'm in trouble.  I can't see how... but maybe it will just happen.

03-01 - [Wednesday] - PM: 5 miles.

03-02 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles.

03-03 - [Friday] - PM: 10 miles.

03-04 - [Saturday] - PM: 10 miles.

03-05- [Sunday] - 
PM: 10 miles.

60.1 miles on 9 runs.

Week was a bit of a down week (seems I go back and forth between 80 and 60 over and over again) but it was my 16th week in a row of at least 60 miles so that's at least something... but I'm still behind.  I felt kind of flat all week. Saturday's run was a little uptempo and Sunday's late run was rough. I literally went from a full turkey dinner and birthday cake at Harts Turkey Farm, to the mill to run 10 miles.  I had stuffing and squash coming back up my throat at was gross.  I probably gained weight this week.  Great weekend w/ the fam though. Celebrated the lovely and talented Kristin's birthday on Sunday. Hopefully it's the last real cold weekend we have for the season...

I closed out the month of February with a little bit of a low total but came out with 2 races and no real injuries to speak of.  280.2 miles with 1 day off.  I'm no mathematician but that's somewhere around 10 miles a day average. I'll take it.  It's funny how last year, February was my 2nd best month 'mileage-wise' behind only December. I racked up 44 miles more last February (leap year) than this year...but with 1 missed day this year and an extra day last year....and averaging my 10 per day, that would have only put me about 24 miles behind last I'll take it I guess. At this point I just have to keep plucking out the positives and hypotheticals that skew in my favor :).

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