Sunday, February 26, 2017

Training Week: February 20 - February 26

Week of February 20 - February 26

02-20 - [Monday] - PM: 12 miles.  Was planning on more but alas the treadmill fuse tripped again at the Mill just as I hit 12. Was 2 miles into a progression run for the last 10 of the planned 20 miles.  Ran the first 10 normal pace and then was about to jump into mile 3 of the progression when the fuse blew.  Spring can't come soon enough.  Good news is that I didn't have any calf/achilles issues.

Also found 4 coins in the only snowblown (is that a word?) section of the yard/driveway today with the new detector. There was about a 10 x 2 foot section of 'soft-enough' ground to putz around on with my new Makro Racer 2.  I plucked 4 cents out of the grass in an area I have been over at least 100 times with my other machine.  That is a great sign. I cannot wait for this snow to melt!!!

02-21 - [Tuesday] - PM: 8 miles.

02-22 - [Wednesday] - PM: 10 miles.  Ad hoc workout. 2 miles then 5 miles @5:42 pace (28:30) then a mile at normal pace then 1 mile in 5:10 and then one mile cooldown.  Felt like the 5 mile chunk wasn't really as beneficial as it should have been because it was a bit slower of a pace than I did last week so I threw another 5:10 mile in there after just to get the somewhat tired legs a workout. Not too bad for something random.  I originally wanted to run that block of 5:42s for 10 miles but bailed halfway.

02-23 - [Thursday] - AM: 6 miles easy roads (solo). PM: 6 miles easy roads with Darin.

02-24 - [Friday] - PM: 8 miles. Pressed for time so I could only sneak in 8. Started easy and rolled up to 'marathon pace' by the end. 51:00.

02-25 - [Saturday] - PM: 10 miles roads with Darin. Beautiful out.

02-26- [Sunday] - PM: 20 miles
 (treadmill) 4 w/ up + 12 miles @ 5:49 + 4 c/down.  2:06:46.  Not sure why I decided on 5:49s...but that's where I landed. Had 2 bad blisters by the end.  First 6 or so seemed uncomfortable but then I started feeling better.

80 miles on 8 runs.


  1. So, 7:07 pace for the "warm-up" and "cool-down" "part" of the "20-miler." That's "ambitious." Nicely "done."

  2. Thanks. Actually thought I thought it was kind of slow though. I should have run it harder I thought. I went 7:30/7:30/6:58/6:58 for the first 4. Then the last 4 were 6:58s. Would have liked to probably do those around 6:30s (all of them) next time. We'll see. The 7:30s were on the slow side but they were probably in the right spot of the run. But what do I know.