Sunday, February 19, 2017

Training Week: February 13 - February 19

Week of February 13 - February 19

02-13 - [Monday] - PM: 5 miles.

02-14 - [Tuesday] - PM: 10 miles.

02-15 - [Wednesday] - PM: 0The Mill closed at 5 (instead of 8). I headed in just as they were closing up due to the storm. No other real option as it was snowing hard out and the roads were completely covered and it was dark out.  I could have gone out in snowshoes with a headlamp but it would have been in 4 feet of untracked snow almost anywhere I went around here and it would have been a lot of work for next to no miles.  Week is not playing out as intended.

02-16 - [Thursday] - AM: 7 miles easy. PM: 10 miles. More excitement at the Mill. I got there just as Don was about to hammer a workout on one of the treadmills.  I got on the other one for an easy 2.5 mile w/up and he was doing basically about the same...then he started a 3 mile tempo and I started my 5 mile tempo.  We only got a few minutes in before we blew the damn fuse again.  I had to hop off and go down to have them flip it back on. I was about a half mile or so (maybe .6) into the actual workout when things went dark.  Don offered to bail on his workout but I told him I'd wait and he ended up doing his 3 mile tempo and I just ran more warmup miles.  Then as soon as he was finished and turned the screws back down to a cooldown pace, I turned the juice up on my machine and did 5 miles at 5:30 pace (27:30). I had already done just over half a mile at that pace a couple miles earlier but I didn't count that and went the full 5 which put me just about at 10 miles by the time I was done. Very short cooldown of about half a mile to make 10.  Then I was outta there. Need to try to salvage the week...

02-17 - [Friday] - AM: 8 miles. PM: 5 miles. Was going to go 10 but my achilles started to bark pretty loud out of nowhere.  Not good.  Ran very easy for the last mile and quit while I was ahead...I want to try to salvage a run tomorrow and planned long run on Sunday. It was reminiscent of the time I had to drop out of that 25k trail race in Winni back in late 2011. The initial pain was similar and I stopped before it got really bad.  I ran the 8 too quick in the morning.  Should have recovered a lot easier after the tempo on Thursday night.

02-18 - [Saturday] - AM: 5 miles super easy... Babying the achilles.  Week back to being derailed. Had to sneak this in before going to a wedding down in MA. Hope this doesn't turn out to be too serious...

02-19- [Sunday] - PM: 
10 miles. Achilles and calf were 'ok' after a little bit. Decided to put off the long run maybe until tomorrow (Monday).

60 miles on 8 runs.

The week was a bit of a mess.  I got screwed on Wednesday and then over did it on Thursday/Friday.  I think after the good workout on Thursday night, I went too hard on Friday morning and then tried to go again on Friday night and paid the price. I took it super easy on Saturday and did a lot of stretching, icing, and took some anti-inflammatories which seemed to help. I waited until Sunday night to do my run and it paid off. Only 60 miles but really on 6 days and 2 of those days were only 5 miles not too bad.  With the way my leg felt on Friday, the week could have been a lot worse.  It was my 14th straight week at 60 or higher.  I'd like to keep my 'bad' weeks at 60... that would set me up pretty well I think...

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