Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Recap for 2017

You can almost see a sled-run I made a month or so back... peaking through the base in the backyard. After getting a grillfull of snow, Tabby was 'one and done'.

January Recap for 2017:

Miles run: 320.4
Days run: 30
Days off: 1
Runs: 35
Longest Run: 20.4 miles
Shortest Run: 5 miles
Doubles: 5
Races: 0
Injuries: 0
Weight Gained: probably.

My January history for last 9 years (cannot find 2007 details as I kept spotty records before 2008, and other January's at college, etc. I kept NO records because I hated running).

2017: 320.4 miles - 1 day off.
2016: 278.9 miles - 3 days off.
2015: 351.2 miles - 1 day off. **
2014: 305.8 miles - 2 days off.
2013: 237.2 miles - 2 days off.
2012: 201.3 miles - 3 days off.
2011: 340.2 miles - 0 days off.
2010: 295.7 miles - 0 days off.
2009: 336.6 miles - 1 day off.
2008: 333.5 miles - 0 days off.

** that type of volume for me led to a nice stress fracture in the spring.

I was WAY ahead of Kemibe's 316.5 for January.  Outdistancing him by 3.9 miles with ease.  It was a relatively strange month with no racing but still managing 10.3 miles per day including the day off.  I think I got that much in because there's simply not all that much else to do right now.  If the weather was better, I would have surely found more things to do outside and around the house and the mileage wouldn't have been that good.  I seem to be able to get in the work over the winter, which is good I guess.  January has always been one of my better months 'mileage-wise'.  I managed to get 6 'workouts' in...workouts being used a little loosely here as I include the periodic tempo run as a workout.  I got 4 interval sessions in and 2 longer tempos + 5 'longer' runs (anything over 12 I consider a long run).  I don't feel fast and when I try to do the uptempo intervals I feel terrible.  It feels like way too much work for having just completed 11 straight weeks of over 60 miles, which I am considering a good base.  I feel like I should be further along and I just feel flat.  It could have everything to do with the fact that I haven't raced since September 25.  This was the first January I didn't race since 2006.  I was close to going to the Derry 5 miler this past weekend but at zero hour I got a text about a long run in Portsmouth that I felt would suit me better in the 'long run' (pun intended) I opted for more miles on the seacoast w/ some mates rather than forcing a 5 miler all the way down in Derry just to keep my January streak alive.  The races will come.  They will probably be slow at first, but they'll come.  I kind of almost did something race-related as I signed up for Mt. Washington with my bypass entry and also registered for MSD10k which is a week before Washington.  I usually signup as early as possible for Redhook, MSD, and Washington because they all sell out quick (or are lottery based of course).  Doesn't look like Redhook is open yet, but I'm starting to be all set for June at least.

Days until DST: 38
Days until Spring: 46
Days until Boston: 74
Days until I'm a Master: 80
Days until Mt. Washington: 135

On the treasure hunting front (which is obviously slow going right now), I did manage to unbelievably find 2 coins.  A 1799 KGIII and an 1803 Largie.  Neither one required me to leave my house, which was awesome (and which would have been impossible thanks to the 2 feet of base in the yard).  I also ordered a new machine (and coils) which should help my land hunting once the damn snow melts.  My 'water' machine needs to be replaced now and I'm going to wait probably until the weather really heats up before I need to worry about that one...but for now, I am looking forward to getting the new machine hopefully tomorrow (according to Fedex).  As I type this now, the snow is falling pretty hard which is kind of not moving in the right direction for talking about metal detecting but it is a short month.... Think Spring!

The guy playing King George III in this great clip from 'John Adams' looks nothing like the dude on my coin...but his madness definitely is on display... must have been terrifying for a newly appointed US Ambassador to GB just after the rev war.

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