Sunday, January 29, 2017

Training Week: January 23 - January 29

Week of January 23 - January 29

01-23 - [Monday] - PM: 10 miles.

01-24 - [Tuesday] - AM: 6 miles. easy.  PM: 9 miles.

01-25 - [Wednesday] - AM: 5 miles easy roads. PM:  9 miles (57:11). w/up + 4 x 1200 @ 5k pace + c/dwn.

01-26 - [Thursday] - PM: 8 miles easy roads. 50+ degrees!

01-27 - [Friday] - PM: 10 miles.

01-28 - [Saturday] - PM: 5 miles easy.

01-29- [Sunday] - AM: 20.4 miles. (2:16:51) Route details (GPS) here. Nice road loop with Matt Garfield and Andy Huebner.  Through Portsmouth, Greenland, Newington, and Kittery, ME.  Good loop over many of the area's race courses.  By my estimate we ran parts of the Eastern States, Market Square Day, Redhook, Fox Point, St. Charles, Harbour Trail, (Old) Children's Museum, Out of Hibernation, and Paddy's courses among others.  Those are just the one's I'm familiar with.  Dropped Andy off at his house at about 16.5 and then Matt and I added on over the bridge into Maine and back.  Crazy bad blister on my big toe towards the end which was a little annoying. If you dare, take a look here.  Disregard the black toenail that is about to pop off (from the VT 50 4 months ago). The blood blister is from the run today. Maybe time for new shoes... picked up some stuff at Runner's Alley after getting some coffee w/Matt and his wife and then headed back home up into the Arctic tundra.

82.4 miles on 9 runs.

Kind of a weird week. Felt like I was doing jack-sh*t but ended up over 80 so I'm definitely pleased with the outcome.  The conditions outside are horrendous for anything of any quality that I can tolerate.  I haven't slept in my own bed since probably last week. Been doing a 'sleep over' with Tabby who refuses to sleep alone and in her we've been 'camping' on the living room floor.  I've felt kind of tired all week but I managed to get in a relatively solid week with an OK workout on Wednesday and a few road runs including the long run on Sunday which kind of salvaged my mileage seeing I mailed in a run on Friday night and barely did anything.  Was good to actually get out and run with people and talk shop. I have a little bit more motivation after talking to the guys today and feeling like a real runner by actually getting out on the roads and doing an honest effort.  The good news is that the 6:42 paced effort for the 20+ miler on Sunday felt easy.  None of it felt like work at all and we (I) talked the entire time.  I feel worse on 7:30 paced runs by myself here down the street so I was glad I kind of figured out that it's just mental and not really anything physical at this point.  I may not have any speed anymore but I can do long runs which is something I guess.  I need a few more of these before April so I don't embarrass myself completely. I hope to get together w/ Matt some more and do some longer efforts.

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