Sunday, January 22, 2017

Training Week: January 16 - January 22

Week of January 16 - January 22

01-16 - [Monday] - AM: 5 miles. Easy.  PM: 8 miles.

01-17 - [Tuesday] - PM: 8 miles.

01-18 - [Wednesday] - PM:  9 miles (56:27) as 20 min w/up + 5 x 1000 @ 5k pace + cooldown.

01-19 - [Thursday] - AM: 5 miles. Easy roads w/ Darin.  PM: no run. Work meltdown right as I was going to leave for my after-work run. Figures. Good thing I got out at lunch for something at least.

01-20 - [Friday] - zero. First zero of the year.  Was up for over 36 hrs.  Didn't go to bed on Thursday at all because of a hot customer issue and was up clean through to Friday night working on other issues and doing damage control. I could have gone out for some easy miles after work but I was so beat, I just decided to take an off day and get some rest. I had a screaming headache all day because of the all nighter and felt sick. Not a good way to end the week.

01-21 - [Saturday] - AM: 5 milesPM: 15 miles as 2.5 w/up + 10 miles in 60:00 + 2.5 c/dwn.(1:34:44).

01-22- [Sunday] - PM: 5 miles. Easy.  Squeezed in an easy/short run before it got dark once Kristin got home from her latest 4k-footer.  The awesome news is that you can head out at 4pm and easily get in a slow 5 without a headlamp now.

60 miles on 8 runs.

Week got completely derailed on Thursday afternoon with a high priority work issue. I was up completely overnight and never went to bed on Thursday.  Near-migraine headache all Friday.  Needless to say I missed my second run on Thursday (a planned 10) and then was just not able to get the rest of the week's planned quality in (including a complete zero on Friday). Running on fumes... What a nightmare.  I was happy to get in 20 total miles on Saturday with a light tempo and one decent speed workout on Wednesday.  Week wasn't a complete mess I guess. 60 miles on 6 days with most of my runs under 10 miles this week for a change.

48 days until daylight saving time.... 56 days until Spring.

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