Sunday, January 1, 2017

Training Week: December 26 - January 1

Week of December 26 - January 1, 2017

12-26 - [Monday] - PM: 10 miles. very light hill program. 69:47.

12-27 - [Tuesday] - PM: 10 miles. very light hill program. 69:46.9

12-28 - [Wednesday] - PM: 10 miles as 2 w/ up + 6 tempo in 35:12 (5:52 pace) + 2 c/dwn.

12-29 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles 64:36. Middle bunch of miles at 6:00. Getting sick.

12-30 - [Friday] - PM: 10 miles easy. Sick. Two hrs of shoveling/snowblowing then some skiing then some sledding. By the time the run came, I was a bit worn out and am battling a cold.

12-31 - [Saturday] - Headcold from heck.

01-01 - [Sunday] - PM: 10 miles easy. Even sicker. Lucky to get anything in this weekend.

60 miles on 6 runs.

The week got derailed due to bad cold I'm still battling.  I was going to race somewhere on New Years just to get the feet wet again in the faster race situations but got sicker as the week went on. I still got a decent amount of miles in but it pretty much ruined any chances I would have had at feeling good while running anything uptempo so I decided to bag it and wait another week or two for racing season to start.  The next week will be interesting as I think I'm still getting worse.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays,  and Happy New Year.

3099.2 miles for the year with 54 days off.

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