Saturday, January 7, 2017

ANOTHER Large Copper for 2017...1803 Draped Bust found in my basement!

This morning, I went poking around again down in the small section of the basement.  I put the Garrett 5 inch Sniper coil on so I could get in the tighter areas and went back over the same area I pulled the King George III copper from on Tuesday.  I found a bingo!  My first complete Largie found detecting, and it is an OLD one!  They were only making official US coins for 10 years by 1803.

1803 Draped Bust large cent!

The obverse. 1803 solid date. Pretty worn but I'll take it!

The reverse showing the 1/100 very faint at the bottom.

How it 'should' look....


  1. This is pretty awesome! What a friggin' great hobby/way to spend the time (besides logging miles of course).

  2. Thanks dude. Sad to say (or maybe not that sad to say) I'd much rather be hunting old coins than running miles... but for now, i'll try to do both! Hope your winter is going well.