Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Good Start to 2017!

Some winter detecting today in the BASEMENT believe it or not.  Literally went down to the basement at lunch for about 15 minutes and found a 1799 King George III colonial copper coin in the top soil in a small corner of the dug out area.  Since I couldn't go outside (with about a foot and a half of snow all over everything), I figured I poke around in the basement and see if anything fell through the cracks over the years from the floors above.  What a find!

This makes four 1700's coins I have found all within the last year and all within a mile of here.  3 on the property (2 outside in my backyard and 1 inside now in the basement) and one in the neighbors yard down the street.

So now I have 2 King George II (1735 and 1736) as well as 1 King George III (1799) and a 1780 Spanish half reale silver coin.

obverse: King George III - bank of England issue 1799
reverse: photo doesn't do it justice but the date is visible in the right light

What the coin 'SHOULD' look like...

The line up of my 1700s coins (so far)...1 silver and 3 coppers.


  1. Good find! I love your treasure hunting posts. happy New Year!

  2. Thanks Seth! I may not have too many to post this winter...definitely no digging outside anytime soon... If I find anymore in the basement I'll update the blog for sure....still more to be had down there I think! Stay healthy!