Sunday, October 30, 2016

October 30 - Sunday - Weekly Recap

I got in 45.6 miles for the week with another day off again but 2 decent back to back efforts on the mill with a slightly uptempo hill run and a light progression run.  Not too bad.  I would have had over 50 if I ran on Saturday.  But this is a decent step forward as I don't want to jump too high too soon after the time off.

October 24 (Monday) - 6.2 miles
October 25 (Tuesday) - 8 miles
October 26 (Wednesday) - 8 miles
October 27 (Thursday) - 8 miles
October 28 (Friday) - 9.4 miles
October 29 (Saturday) - off
October 30 (Sunday) - 6 miles

Total: 45.6 miles

I had to put up w/ poison ivy all week and keep on top of that as it seemed to spread throughout the week. Hopefully it's under control now.

Due to crap weather and the earlier sunsets, I didn't get out detecting all week... plus I was dreading having to clean up all my stuff as I knew there'd be some poison ivy oils all over everything for sure....I did get out on Sunday for about 5 hours (after hopefully thoroughly cleaning my machine, shovel, and other equipment.... I landed ANOTHER 1857 Flying Eagle cent.  My third this year.  This coin is relatively rare as far as the date range goes.  They did circulate them for 2 years (1857 and 1858).  They only made 750 of them total in 1856.  But in the other two years they minted 17 and 24 million of them (a normal distribution)... but for only having been distributed for 2 years out there, I have found 3 of them from 1857 just in Madison alone.  2 of them in the same location (the only 2 coins I've ever found there actually) and one in my back yard.  Crazy.  I'm basically only 1 year off from finding a braided hair large cent.  They actually did make those in 1857 as well... the last year. I have yet to find a 'largie'.  Time is running out on the year and I'll probably only be able to hunt on the weekends now until the snow flies...hoping to land some more goodies before having to put everything away for the year....

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