Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 26 - Wednesday

Got back down to the Mill after work to get 'back to work'.  8 miles on the mill.  55:49.  I don't want to get too greedy.  With 3 weeks off and only 35 miles on 6 days last week, I don't want to jump up too high with the volume just yet.  Ribs feel a lot better when I'm running and sitting around but laying down and trying to sleep on that side is still very painful.

I talked to Downtown Darin Brown again for about 4.2 of those 8 miles.  He was banging out some miles in preparation for this weekend's Great Bay 5k (which I'm sitting out of).  He's looking for a big PR (masters).  That's his PR course so we'll see.  So far at the mill it has been only him and I other souls dare enter the depths of the most painful room in all of East Madison.  Come January 1st it will be filled with the dreamers again....for a month at most.  Most fizzle out within a couple weeks.

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