Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 25 - Tuesday

And it's that time of year again... a little early this year but it flurried all day and was cold so I decided to jump back down to the Mill again and get started on buildin' some hurtin bombs.  8 miles in 55:49.  Saw Downtown Darin Brown in there just finishing up his miles on the mill as I started mine.

Side note of awesomeness... this is just part of some sweet poison ivy I picked up when I was down in MA metal detecting on Sunday at Kristin's parents house.  I have a bit more 'down under' some how... below the belt.  I'm not sure how that happened... The funny thing is that I knew I was poking around the stuff but had an awesome signal and tried to pick around it ...I have it on video where I actually say 'I hope this isn't poison ivy'...but it obviously was.  I ended up pulling that nice military serviceman's button out of it...but paid the price.  I had to wash my clothes multiple times and still ended up throwing them away.  I threw away all my gloves and will have to heavily scrub my machine now if I take it out again this year....but it may be all she wrote for the season.  We'll see.  For now, this is the price I pay for the good relics.  I'll spare you the photo of the other area for now.

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