Sunday, October 23, 2016

October 23 - Sunday - Weekly Recap

I was down in MA all day on Sunday... up before the sun, back after it set. I actually got back home about 10:00pm so I wasn't about to try to sneak in 5 miles.  I put in 6 days in a row back this week from 3 weeks of basically nothing.  Trying to reset and start a push towards the 2017 plans.  I ended up with 35 miles this week with the one day off. I was anticipating trying for 5 a day anyways so it was right about where I wanted to put a first week back.  Every step was pretty uncomfortable but the last 24 hours or so have been a lot better with my ribs. It's been a noticeable step forward in the right direction.  We'll see how this coming week goes.

I did get a chance to detect my wife's parent's house down in the south shore of MA but didn't' have much luck with old coins. I found 60+ coins in total but mostly modern clad and zinc pennies.  I did land an 1864 Indian (my FIRST signal of the day) which was weird because nothing else was even close. I had 3 wheats as well but the rest were modern.  I did find a WWI or WWII serviceman's button which was awesome.  Kristin's great uncle who lived in the house for 80 or so years was in WWI and his son was killed in WWII.  I also found a seemingly gold ring (which I had to 'donate' to her mom)...I think it was an alloy of some sort though. It was too dirty to be solid gold.  It could have had some plating on it.  It also had a small dark gemstone still in it.  I found a cool looking old scale, a broach pin, and another couple of buckles and odds and ends as well.  NO SILVER.  WTF.  SOMEONE had to have been there before.  They said no one to their knowledge has ever metal detected it before but I bet that from the 1970s - mid 1980s when Kristin's parents bought the place from her great uncle, he or someone else had already cherrypicked the place.  There's no way I'd find this many newer coins and almost zero old coins without someone having already poked around....All things considered though, not too bad.  It's always nice to detect a new area and dream about finding some good stuff.  Nice weather too...but winter is coming!

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