Friday, October 21, 2016

October 21 - Friday

6 miles (solo) from house. Out and back on 113/41 so pretty flat.  Slightly quicker than I should probably be trying to run right now but I'm eager to get going.  Ribs are problematic as usual.  Doctor said 4-6 weeks and I'm starting to believe it...At first I was like 'no way it will take that long' I'm HOPING it will be ok by then. Weather was crap and I got a late start so it was probably for the best that I only did 6...although 6 kind of feels like 12 right now... I know that will pass though.

Also, with getting this in the mail today, I guess I will need to train this winter... That kind of gets in the way of me being a lazy slob we'll see.  One time I showed up to this race prepared...and then, a bunch of times...I didn't.  The sh*tty thing is that this race is 6 days...SIX DAYS BEFORE my 40th birthday.  So I will only be still 39.  That sucks.  In 2018, I will basically be a few days away from 41 when I get to run Boston as a 40 year old.  Do you think if I emailed the BAA about this, they would consider pushing the 2018 race out a week?  It wouldn't be on Patriots day anymore but it would help my situation.

More junk mail from the BAA

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