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Training Week: Week of September 5 - September 11

Already losing...Alex and Zac already laughing...

Week of September 5 - September 11

September 5 - [Monday] - PM: 6 miles (roads) easy.
September 6 - [Tuesday] - PM: 11 Miles (roads/trails). New Rd. trails in Madison.
September 7 - [Wednesday] - AM: 5 miles (roads/snowmo trails) easy. PM: 9.6 miles (roads/trails) with Darin. More New Rd. trails in Madison.
September 8 - [Thursday] - PM: 10 miles (113 up into Albany and back).
September 9 - [Friday] - AM: 4 miles (roads) easy. Very hot! Was gonna do 5 but stopped at 4. 90+ degrees on the thermo.  PM: 6 miles (roads/trails) Walmart trails + Westside Rd. and some other rambling around.
September 10 - [Saturday] - PM: 3 miles (warmup) (not all captured on the Garmin) + 5 miles race (Fox Point Sunset 5 Miler - 3rd OA - 26:39 (results)) + 3.2 miles (cooldown). All on the roads of Newington.  Calf/hammy very tight. Locked up during the cooldown.
September 11 - [Sunday] - off

62.8 miles for the week.

Good week although ended with an unexpected day off. Step in the right direction generally. More miles, less laziness, one relatively decent race considering how things have been since the summer.  My hamstring and IT band locked up on me on the cooldown after the race on Saturday night. Sunday I debated running on it but did some detecting instead and a bunch of walking around.  Decided to just take a day.  Seeing last week was so abysmal mileage-wise, I think 62 miles was probably a good enough jump up before trying to hit the normal load again (which is always ideally 70+ if I run 7 days).

Fox Point was a good sign. I've done zero fast work other than the occasional race so to run 11 seconds quicker than last year was definitely a plus.  Considering what little progress I see lately, I'll take it.  I don't have the speed right now to hang with the likes of Zac or Alex just yet (even when they just tempo together) so I had to kind of run in no man's land for the entire race, but it was good to land some more race cash this year ($50 for third) and get my much needed points for the Seacoast Series.  I think I officially may have wrapped it up, as you need 6 of 8 and this was the 6th race (I've done them all so far).  Between 2 different courses and 4 attempts at this race since 2008, I've won twice and been 3rd twice.  Amazingly though, this was my fastest time at this event.  That's kind of another positive.  Last year I won in a slightly slower time.  I also won it in 2008.  In 2008 and 2009 I doubled. I ran the Ollie 5 miler in Boston earlier in the morning (both years) and then ran Fox Point in the afternoon (hence my slower times).  In 2010-2014 I was more focused on trail and ultra racing (or hurt) so I skipped the event.  It's a great race, really nice course (which I really think Strava doesn't do justice with 'elevation-wise'), and a rare 'nighttime' 5 mile race.

Some local NH/ME all stars: Alex Leuchanka, Downtown Darin Brown, Miles Brady, JJ, Kevin St. Laurent, Matt Sawyer, and Amanda DeBlauw.

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