Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Training Week: Week of August 29 - September 4

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday girl

Week of August 29 - September 4

August 29 - [Monday] - PM: 3 miles (roads) easy.
August 30 - [Tuesday] - PM: 10 Miles (roads) easy with Darin.
August 31 - [Wednesday] - AM: 8 miles (roads) easy with Darin.
September 1 - [Thursday] - off.  Morgan's birthday!
September 2 - [Friday] - PM: 2 miles (warmup) + 1 mile (Millen Mile - 2nd OA - 4:48) + 1 mile cooldown.
September 3 - [Saturday] - off. (I did do a short hike with Kristin's dad and took the kids on a walk in the stroller but didn't get a run in).
September 4 - [Sunday] - off. (I did do a few hours of metal detecting late in the day).

25 miles for the week.  Even worse week than last week as far as running goes but I knew that would be the case.  With Morgan's party over the weekend and a lot to do around the house plus work being crazy (end of quarter), I didn't have the energy to sneak out for miles when I had the chance to sneak them in.   The well project is finally done but the yard and house had a lot to be done before we had all our families over for the weekend and I was literally out working on things in the yard until the sun went down.  Kristin's parents stayed Saturday - Monday.  We had the party on Saturday which was really fun.  It was nice having my family here with all their kids, plus some friends as well.

The Millen Mile was a big shock to the system. I'm surprised I broke 4:50.  I'm also surprised my body was able to ever run faster than this for an opening mile of a 5k with any sort of ease in the past.  It felt awful.  I tried to sit tucked in behind Zac for the first quarter and didn't even make it 400 meters...and he was running conservatively.  He's a 4:10 miler not too far back and is still in pretty good form for the shorter stuff.  I dropped way back on the second lap and just tried to stay moving and in 2nd place the rest of the way.  It was actually really fun as it was at night, under the lights, at halftime during the opening football game of the year at Kennett HS.  It was the 6th annual event and they typically invite a handful of the local top runners (men and women) to make up the one heat that goes off right at halftime of the game.  Roger took video (below).

Two beautiful ladies...

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