Monday, August 29, 2016

Training Week: Week of August 22 - August 28

Week of August 22 - August 28

August 22 - [Monday] - off.
August 23 - [Tuesday] - AM: 5 Miles (roads) easy.  PM: 3 mile w/ up + 2 miles XC Race (1st OA - 10:18) + 3.4 miles cooldown.
August 24 - [Wednesday] - AM: 5 miles (roads) easy with Downtown Darin Brown.
August 25 - [Thursday] - off
August 26 - [Friday] - PM: 8 miles (roads). Hot!
August 27 - [Saturday] - PM: 9 miles (roads).
August 28 - [Sunday] - PM: 25 miles (roads / dirt roads).

60.4 miles for the week.  Bad week all in all, but salvaged 60 miles on just 5 days (with one of those days being a 5 mile day only).  I got almost half my weekly mileage on Sunday.  Struggled for most of the week with headaches and pretty bad allergies. Couple that with getting a well drilled all week to the tune of almost $26K.  It was just shy of $16K for the drilling (808 feet with 141 feet of casing) which yielded next to nothing for water.  Then I had someone come hydrofrack it for another $3k.  Now we are looking at hooking up the pump system for another $6k this week.  The front yard is completely destroyed from all the digging and trucks and equipment.  The fracking got us more water but not a's manageable now but certainly in my opinion not worth the money that it has cost us.  The whole thing just sucks and is what led to a couple days where I just couldn't get out of the house (and probably the root cause of my headaches).

I did manage a good run at the Kennett XC Challenge though.  Since I lived here, I have run it 3 times (two 1sts and one 2nd) and missed the race in 2012 and 2015. This year I ran a 10:18.  In 2013 I ran a 10:31 for 1st OA and then in 2014 I ran a 10:07 for SECOND when Tim Livingston kicked my ass in the last quarter mile.  This year, Tim has had some knee issues preventing him from getting his normal training in. I was able to hang with him for about a mile and a quarter.  The first half of the race is on flat grass.  The second half is single track in the woods for half of it and then back out in the grass for the finish.  I stayed right behind and next to him on and off for about a mile, then moved around and once we were in the woods, I was able to slowly move away from him.  He did comeback hard at the end on the final 100 yards across the playing fields and he almost caught me as I had kind of settled into just running to the line...I looked back just in time near the finish to see him taking the tangent to the finish (which I wasn't doing by seemingly a lot) and almost catching me.  I kicked the last few strides in to make sure I got the win.

Sunday, because I barely did anything this week, I figured it was as good a day as any to get a long run in (longer than usual).  I wasn't tired from any sort of volume for the week but I was feeling a little off because of everything else. I decided to just run mid 7s for 25 miles along the roads of Madison/Tamworth/Ossipee.  It was a decent loop with some hills early and then flats most of the way back.  I carried water but ran out about halfway (it was hot and I was feeling dehydrated).  I stopped in at a campground in Tamworth to get a refill.  I was directed to the laundry room in the rec barn, which smelled so bad I almost couldn't stand it.  The entire barn smelled like mold.  The water was a custom mix of hot and cold water according to a sign above the sink, so it was obviously warm.  It also tasted awful but it was all I had short of asking a random house on the way back if I could use their hose.   I ran out of that water by the time I got back into Madison. I stopped in at an abandoned business right on the Madison/Tamworth line but the water was turned off when I found the hose out back.  So I had to go the rest of the way back home without water (about 6 miles).

I did get a couple days of detecting in (I haven't' been talking too much about my finds lately but I figured I'd make some more videos's been a decent year of detecting for sure...) and we did have our trash ransacked again over the weekend. I pulled the video from the security footage to show the bandit in question.

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