Sunday, August 21, 2016

Training Week: August 15 - August 21

Week of August 15 - August 21

August 8 - [Monday] - PM: 3 miles (roads).  Just a late day shakeout as the legs were pretty stiff from Sunday's 22+ mile run in the mountains.
August 9 - [Tuesday] - PM: 9 miles (roads) at lunch. Was going to go short lunch run then more later but it started raining during the run so I stretched it out to 9 and called it with one run.
August 10 - [Wednesday] - PM: 10.5 miles (trails and roads).  Up E.Madison Rd., down to the boulder and then up and back to Ledge Pond Rd. via the old snowmo trail.  Then back down to train station via Chain of Ponds trails and then back to the house.  Watch died just as I was in view of the train station.
August 11 - [Thursday] - AM: 5 miles (roads) easy.  PM: 3.5 miles (roads) warmup in Rye before Saunders 10k with Alliette and a little with Huebner.  Then race: 6.3 miles (garmin) Saunders 10k - 2nd OA - 34:05.  Then cooldown - 3 miles (roads) with Garfield and Alliette.
August 12 - [Friday] - AM: 6 miles (roads). Horrendously hot out again...even worse than Wed.  Felt like crap the rest of the day. Allergies bad. PM: 8.4 miles (trails) from Lead Mine into the airstrip via snowmo trails.  Then back up around through the new cutoff trail to the Pine Barrens and back via E.Shore and Lead Mine.  Felt pretty sluggish.
August 13 - [Saturday] - PM: 11 miles (roads).  Almost bagged the run.  Waited until late in the day.  Got out for a decent run up into Chocorua village and back with a small detour up Tall Pines + a little bit of an add-on at the end to get 11 total. Feeling a little run down.
August 14 - [Sunday] - 15 miles (roads).  Felt 'ok' but definitely wanted to bag it before I even started.  Worked out in the yard all day and didn't get out until 5pm.  Watched the marathon in the am then watched the mountain bike race before eventually going out and trying to straighten up the yard and do some late summer de-weeding.

75 miles for the week.   Didn't run quite as long on Sunday as I was originally planning but I haven't felt that great post race on Thursday.  My allergies have been pretty bad this week and my sleep hasn't been good.  The girls are waking up a lot through the night now...probably due to the heat.  They wake up and eventually find their way into our bed and it becomes too crowded for me to get any decent sleep so I've been struggling a little bit and it caught up to me by week's end.  I still managed 75 miles with only a 3 day on Monday and 5 days of only singles... so not too bad.

The race was pretty bad for me but it was kind of expected.  I haven't done Saunders 10K since 2012 when I thought (at that time) that I ran bad to the tune of a 32:32.  That race was actually 'the beginning of the end'.  Back in 2012, it was right after Saunders, that I started getting hurt 'regularly'.  If you look at my race schedule from 2012, I only raced 1 time after Saunders for the entire year (that was Great Bay in October).  That year, Andy Huebner ran away from me and I 'struggled' to run 32:32.  Now that would be a stud time for me.

Going into the race this year, I just wanted to continue to get my Seacoast Series points but also knew it was going to be a sh*tshow in reality. I haven't done any speed work to speak of this summer and 10ks have been horrendous for me over the last bunch of years.  In the back of my mind I knew about 34 would be the range. I never would have thought I would run over 34 but that's what it was.  I went out a little quicker than that pace but then paid the price in the humidity later on as I watched Matt Garfield pull away over the 2nd half of the race.  Andy Huebner was with us for 2.5 miles or so and then fell off the pace when he started getting sick.  I fell off too but was able to hold on enough surprisingly for my third 2nd place in a row.  I'm hoping that with some focused training, I can get back to actually running fast again in at least one distance...right now, I'm continuing to get the miles in and build up a base.  Right now, the only thing I am getting out of racing (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) is some actual 'speed work' and the mental sharpness of being in race situations... but the fast times just are nowhere to be found right now.

I was really glad to see my teammate Matt Garfield run so well again and get the big win here. He does a ton of work and is so serious about racing now...his intensity and focus is admirable.  Hopefully I can give him a run soon enough but I won't be too surprised if this type of outcome becomes the norm.  He's a really good guy and deserves these good finishes he's had recently...his hard work is paying off.  I hope we both stay injury free the rest of the year.

My Saunders 10K History:

2016 - 34:05 - 2nd Place - Matt Garfield 1st
2012 - 32:32 - 2nd Place - Andy Huebner 1st
2010 - 31:53 - 2nd Place - John Mentzer 1st
2009 - 32:20 - 3rd Place - John Mentzer 1st, Alliette 2nd.
2008 - 32:58 - 4th Place - Alliette, Manning, Nurse 1,2,3.

I was killing Matt at this point.
Still beating Matt.
Already leaving Alliette in the dust and working on overtaking Big Al Fernald...
Matt has been finished for a long while and is already giving interviews...

Still out on the course. Matt had already gotten his t-shirt and is now cooling down.
Not done yet. Matt is already in traffic heading back up to Maine.

Matt has already updated Strava with his run and is now getting ready for bed. I'm almost finished.

I could not believe the clock had a 34 on it and I wasn't done yet...

Chillin. Morgan ate an entire watermelon by the time we left.

The three most beautiful girls in the world... 

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