Monday, August 8, 2016

Training Week: August 1 - August 7

Been hitting this beach a lot this summer...gonna miss this view in another month or so when the snow starts flying...

Week of August 1 - August 7

August 1 - [Monday] - 8 miles (roads/dirt roads) with Darin. Hilly loop from Darin's house.  Legs were beat from Sunday's 20 miler.  Easy run but the downhills still trashed my quads and calves.
August 2 - [Tuesday] - 10 miles (roads/dirt roads) with Darin.  Ran first mile or so solo, then ran easy with Darin up and back on E.Madison Rd.  Then back home solo last couple miles.
August 3 - [Wednesday] - off.  Unplanned but couldn't get away from work at lunch to do any run and then had to watch the girls all day.  Wouldn't have been able to get out until 10:45pm-ish. Actually got my stuff on, had the blinking lights hooked onto the waistband and had the shoes and headlamp on....then took everything off.  I kind of give myself credit for this one, but still it's chocked up officially as a zero.
August 4 - [Thursday] - 6.1 miles at lunch (solo). Pretty hot out. Stopped for a while on the way back up to the house when I saw my buddy Kent metal detecting the permission I GOT.  I had to stop and check up w/ him and actually helped him dig a signal or two before heading back up to the house.  Later on after work I headed over to the track for some laps.  Plan was goal MP pace for a 5 mile block.  I was a bit quicker than that but it's not really that big of a deal..when I go for longer blocks I'll be able to dial it back a bit.  Warmed up 3 miles on the track (again pretty hot out) and then hit 5 miles in 27:28 and then cooled down 3 miles on the rec trail. I had to run in the second lane a bit with some others there using the track but it was all good. Felt fine.  No issues at all and felt very relaxed and comfortable.  Weird considering I can barely run that tempo on the roads in races.  17.1 miles on the day.
August 5 - [Friday] - 8 miles roads/trails/snomobile trails/train tracks.  Easy. Very hot. Felt like crap.

Photo in the first 100 meters.
August 6 - [Saturday] - 3 miles w/up in Freedom w/ Doc Brown, Melissa, and Frank Holmes + strides.  Then Freedom Old Home Week 5k [1st OA] (results).  16:48. Then 2 miles cooldown with Darin, Melissa, Frank, and Terry Livingston.  Real goal was to just run a tempo effort and hopefully win.  I hammered a 15:59 2 years ago for the course record.  This year, I was running on some tired/beat legs and just wanted to continue to get some good work in this week so I figured I could tempo it and maybe win if Tim or someone didn't show up.  Well, I got out quick (not as quick as 2 years ago) but after about a half mile and in the clear, I put the breaks on and just kept putting them on and just stayed ahead enough where I knew the threat from Darin (back in 2nd) wasn't close enough to be of concern.  Still felt like crap though in the last half mile.  It was pretty humid so the effort felt way harder than it should have which was kind of a let down.  Still got the win though.  Not a super fast course with 2+ miles of it being dirt roads (and I swear the climb is way more than it shows on the topo which is used to calculate my climbs).  Then we all ran the kids race afterwards which was fun. I held Tabby's hand as we ran the lap around Freedom Elementary.  We beat 3 girls (including Morgan who had to be carried the last half lap by Kristin).  One girl ate pavement right after the start and started screaming once the initial shock wore off.  Tabby and I blasted around her and didn't look back.  Tabby and Morgan each got a ribbon for their participation.  Tabby held on to it for the entire trip to Wolfboro and then Wakefield. She was dying to show it off to her grandparents.  7.2 miles total on the day.
August 7 - [Sunday] - 19 miles trails/snowmobile trails/roads.  16 miles of offroad and 3 miles of roads.  Good effort of about 2:45 total.  We hit the Silver Lake dance party as part of Madison Old Home Week and then after that was over, I ran home but first did a loop through the Pine Barrens over to the air strip, then up and over Mary's Mountain, up and over to King Pine, then up and over Bald Ledge, down Goe Hill, and then back down E.Madison Rd.   I found some very nice trails on the south side of Jackman Ridge and did the new snowmobile trail section I hadn't seen before (that bypasses the camp ground along Ossipee Lake Rd.).  There's some ridiculous clearing now up the east side of Blazo Mountain.  It's completely clear cut.  Also, after that, the clearing down the back side of Bald Ledge is disgusting.  The logging 'road' is all knarled up with small timbers that makes it almost impossible to run safely through.  I had to hop all over the place and just pray I didn't impale myself.  Very slow going through there now unfortunately. I think that section will be very dangerous this winter for the snowmobiles now.  It's an 'unmaintained' section for the SOS club and now it's really almost not an option.  It's wide open, but it's a couple feet deep of downed trees.  The clearcut section of climb up the east side of Blazo mountain is interesting now.  They pretty much cleared out an old homestead I didn't even know was there.  Complete with cellar hole and rock wall around a huge field.  I will have to go in there one of these late afternoons or early mornings (in from the Shawtown Rd. gate) and see if there's anything to be had in there.

70.4 miles for the week.  Not bad considering I missed a day.  Hopefully I can recover in time for the Madison 5k on Tuesday.  And hopefully I feel better there than I did in Freedom.

Morgan cheering the runners on.
Very few photos exist of Tabby without a milk cup in her hand.

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