Monday, May 9, 2016

Week of May 2 - May 8 - Mom's on the Run 5k

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful wife Kristin who's raising some funny gals...

Week of May 2 - May 8 - Mom's on the Run 5k

May 2 (Monday) - PM: 8 miles trails in the pouring rain.  Lower Nanamocomuck Ski Trail from covered bridge + the Around the Pond Loop + a loop around the Gorge parking lot + a loop around the Boulder Loop parking lot + 2 loops around the Covered Bridge parking lot.  Completely soaked.  I'm also sick.  Awesome.
May 3 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles roads dropping my car off and running home. Up and over E.Madison Rd. PM: 10 miles roads w/ Darin in Madison/Freedom from the beach.  Sick.
May 4 (Wednesday) 7 miles snow-mo trails in Madison/Freedom in the pouring rain...scouting out some possible cellar holes... Sick.
May 5 (Thursday) 10 miles roads.  Ran up to Darin's and then 5 on Lead Mine w/ the Doctor then ran home.  Saw Don Fredrikson HAMMERING coming the other way on Lead Mine...Made us look old and slow for sure.  Sick.
May 6 (Friday) - 10.4 miles roads.  Honest lake bang in 67 minutes.  Clicking 6:30s for most of it. A couple slower over the Lead Mine hills and a couple faster at the end... Beautiful weather today.  Leg was actually ok (not 100% but tolerable) but my OTHER calf cramped on me in the last mile. I almost started laughing.  Still sick but feeling slightly better... Had a bout of dry heaving on Friday night for some reason... felt really nauseated. It had nothing to do with watching the Cavs roll over the Hawks...just had a stomach thing going on...
May 7 (Saturday) - 3 miles easy roads.  But about 4-5 miles of metal detecting in Ossipee/Wolfeboro.  Got bit by about 6 million black flies.
May 8 (Sunday) - AM: 3.5 miles w/ up w/ Goupil + 3.2 mile race (Mom's on the Run 5k (results) - 1st OA - 15:57)  + 3 mile cooldown w Goup over some Dovah roads.  Sam Wood sighting on the cooldown.  Felt like puking on the warmup again...not sure what's up.  Felt fine during the race. PM: My best Chris Mahoney obnoxious post-win shakeout of 5.4 miles later in the day w/ Andy on the roads.

Weekly Summary: 68.5 miles

Not a bad week running-wise. No workouts but I'm a little cautious at this point with the hamstring STILL bothering me.  It's way better than last week but this is getting crazy. 2.5 weeks of hamstring issues.  That's a first for me.  Just need to keep the miles near 70ish and keep toeing the line.

The race went well on Sunday.  I headed down to the Mom's on the Run Mother's Day 5k in Dover (results).  It was the 10th running of the race.   It was pretty much ideal conditions weather-wise.  I had Jeff Goupil and a high schooler hot on my tail early.  The first quarter mile he was on me like offensive jokes on Bob Wiles' old Facebook page.  I rolled through the first mile in 4:54 although there's some drop and only a slight's a fast first mile.   Still, 4:54 isn't' bad but for the fastest split of the day it just needs to be faster.  By the one mile mark I was alone and I rigged a little just after 2 miles for some reason. I just felt like a little bit of a struggle was going on any time I had the slightest of roll in the road.  There's a couple of rolling hills in the 2nd mile and the first half of the third mile is a little slow but the second half is quick.  I was 10:05 through 2 and was pretty perplexed at how much I slowed down.  On the way back in, I was running way over pace because of the slow first section of the 3rd mile but I was pleasantly (even though I saw it on the warmup) surprised at the nice downhill and flat into the finish area. I picked up more time there and pushed hard at the end to get under 16. I went from thinking mid-16s to sub 16 in that last half mile.  When I took the turn onto the last street (Alumni Rd) I thought I'd be under easily when I saw the finish flags but misjudged the distance.  I had to reach for the line at the end.  I came through in 15:57, which just betters Rob Levey's 16:05 from 2011.  Only the last 8 years of the 10 years of the event are on Coolrunning.  The first two years were done I believe by Lancer Timing and the results have been lost in the rain.  Every other year of the race has been substantially slower. It's a certified course that's pretty fair. I had 3.18 on my watch. The downside if any was that I felt like I was working way too hard for that 15:57.  I really have to put in some work and get back to basics here if I want my hard efforts to get me back to the times I was used to running.   I just like thinking maybe I'd be 10 seconds faster on a Redhook or Cigna type of course with the similar effort there's work to do.

Video by Kristin below:

This was Goup's old stomping ground and he knew the course well. It was good seeing him and warming up/ cooling down w/ him and rehashing the glory days of CMS (glory days for me) from 2010/2011 ish.  He just moved back to the Dover area so he'll be hitting up more races and getting back into the swing of racing.

For the win, I got a Dick's Sporting Goods gift card but more importantly another point in the Dover Race series.  It was my 5th race in Dover this year but my 4th in the Dover Series (the Children's Museum race is in the Seacoast Series).  I had the family in tow and we headed over to Kittery, ME afterwards to do a little shopping at the Trading Post and get some lunch.

by David Colby Young - Mainerunningphotos
by David Colby Young - Mainerunningphotos

Making sure I run through both timing mats. 
Goup and I right before the start...

Morgan and her momma...
Tabby and Morgan still clowning around... 
With the wildlife at the Kittery Trading Post...

On the treasure hunting scene I actually only went out a couple times but once for any serious length of time.  Kent and I hit a few spots down in the Ossipee, Wolfeboro area and I picked up the largest buckle I've ever found plus a very interesting button with some crazy designs on it and another nice old suspender clip with some 'fancy' on it.  That was at the first place. At the 3rd place we happened on, we found 2 new (to us) cellar holes that are colossal in size.  One of them for all I know could have been an old church or meeting house or something.  It was enormous.  We had to offroad quite a bit to get up in there but once we were in there, it showed us some serious acreage to explore.  We may have to wait a bit because the bugs were just so bad.  Black fly fest for another month or so... I found another fancy button or broach thingy with a nice pattern on it and some possible gold guild.  I also found a sweet colonial candlestick you can check out in the quick video below.  Once I got back home I swung for another half hour or so in my yard and pulled a toasted Shield Nickel out of the ground.  They made them from 1866-1883 but mine is so worn that I can't make out the date. I did clean it quite a bit but it's toasted.  Being 75% copper it took a beating in the ground for that long.  That's yet another 'first' for me though... it's really time to start finding some silver though...