Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday - May 25

May 25 (Wednesday) - AM: 90 minutes metal detecting (so I probably walked a half mile) then 5 miles roads.  Pretty hot out.  PM: 6 miles with a 1.1 mile hard hillclimb and then a sub 6 last mile (mostly downhill).  Was going to do some short hills but it was hot, I felt like crap, and I got stung by a hornet a half mile into my warmup (thing flew right into me at full stride and stuck in my leg) and I had to keep stopping to massage my quad.  Stung me right in the meat of the quad and the sweat was making it sting really bad.  Decided just to quasi-hammer the base of Pound Rd. up past the apple orchard (1.1 miles)... was right at 7:25 for that mile split which is entirely uphill and pretty steep for 3/4 of it.  I have no clue how much it gains but I was working decently hard.  Not all out but an honest effort.  Since I do zero hills, this was better than nothing.

As far as the morning treasure hunting session goes, I landed 15 shell casings, 6 shotgun shell headstamps, a zipper, and a 1972 quarter.  Three of the below are live rounds (unfired). There was so much ordnance in the ground up in there, you'd think World War II happened there.

Every one of these sounded beautiful but it got old seeing these pop out of the hole.

The morning's take from the top half of Darin's property

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