Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday - May 24

May 24 (Tuesday) - 10 miles roads w/ Andy. Out and back from Shackford Pass down into Freedom Village and back.

Found some interesting finds just in the yard the last couple afternoons... Today I found a fatty Indian Head cent (they made them fat from 1859-1864)...It's my 2nd "Fatty" of the year so far.  I found a 1863 previously.  I can't get the date off of it as it's pretty toasted.  I found another nice button w/ the shank still in tact and some writing on it but I can't really make it out...will have to clean it a bit more...

Yesterday I found a few things in the front yard...a funny (and big) lid to a 1950s jar of bubbles.  It was seriously 6-7 inches down. I have no idea....  It was deeper than most anything I dig but the signal was too good to pass up.  I also found a wheatie, another button with the word 'Metropolitan' on it, and a beautiful lead colonial musket ball.  The picture below doesn't do it justice..it's completely round (unfired).  It's the 4th musket ball I have found so far.  The other 3 were fired.

I also pulled some more rifle shells, a bullet, and some other odds and ends...

Fatty Indian Head cent (back and front) and nice button.

Wheatie, button, and really nice musket ball.

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