Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday - May 23

May 23 (Monday) - 11.5 miles roads and trails w/ Andy.  Silver Lake bang with some extended McNair exploration off Lead Mine.  Easy pace.  Pretty warm out.  Andy ran with his fuel belt on in preparation for registering for the VT 50 in a couple days.

Phil 'diggin' acidotic' on Sunday with Kent supervising

Yesterday I took some video yesterday in the backwoods of a couple of old colonial settlements we'll affectionately refer to as '1690 North' and '1690 South'.  Only those in attendance will know exactly where it was.  I'll try to start taking some better vids of some actual finds, etc. but it's kind of hard to pull out the camera and try to take some pictures and video while trying to make the most of the time we have to's kind of a pain in the ass but I'll try to streamline it a little better next time.  This is just a short hodgepodge of video I was planning on making but really just didn't have the drive to make it happen.

In short though, I met up with acidoticRacing's own legendary Phil Erwin who just recently took the plunge into one of the most addicting hobbies out there and purchased the same machine I have (the Garrett AT Pro).  We met up with Kent 'Big Iron' Churchill at his palatial estate in Ossipee, NH and then headed out to a couple different colonial sites to battle some heat and bugs in order to save some history.  I found 3 coins but all recent (a clad quarter and a couple pennies) but I did land 6 (SIX) buttons from the 1700s-1800s. 4 with shank and 2 without... One up high at the first cellar hole we tried out and the other 5 down low on the road in.  I found my fair share of iron relics and junk but did find another nice crotal bell (my 3rd so far) at the second location we tried over at '1690 North'.  We didn't have too much time to spend at the second site as people had things to do in the afternoon so we'll have to wait a bit more before we can go back and hit it hard.

I had 8 ticks on me...pulled 5 off me before heading home and 3 on the way back in the car.

Back of my best button haul in a single day so far...

Front of my best button haul in a single day so far...

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