Monday, April 11, 2016

Week of April 4 - April 10 - Red's Race for a Better Community

Week of April 4 - April 10 - Red's Race for a Better Community

April 4 (Monday) - AM: 5 miles roads in the snow. PM: 8 miles roads in the snow.
April 5 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles roads w/ Andy. PM: 6.2 miles roads/trails w/ Andy (some whacking and climbing as we explored some 'new' backwoods trails in Beast Madison.
April 6 (Wednesday) - PM:  10 miles roads/dirt roads w/ Ryan.
April 7 (Thursday) - PM: 6 miles roads/dirt roads w/ Andy and Squall in the pouring rain.
April 8 (Friday) - AM: 5 miles roads / trails.  PM: 6 miles hilly roads/dirt roads.
April 9 (Saturday) - AM: 8 miles roads.
April 10 (Sunday) - AM: 3.5 miles warmup + 5 miles race (Red's Shoe Barn 5 Miler (results) - 1st OA - 26:18) + 2.5 miles cooldown with Matt Garfield and Phil Erwin.

Weekly Summary: 70.2 miles for the week.

Opted to only race once this weekend and that was Reds in Dover, NH.   I like this race a lot.  It's easy for me to get to, it's an honest and challenging course, and it's definitely a legendary area race to attend in NH (35th Anniversary this year).   The down side is that as this month has been so far, it was cold and windy.  The race was delayed because literally right after the National Anthem an emergency vehicle had to respond to an issue along the first mile of the course.  So more strides and running around before the race actually took off was needed to keep warm.  Once the race got underway I was quickly in the lead and started cutting through a little bit of wind in the first half mile...then we had seemingly a slightly cross/tail wind up to mile 2 - 2.5 or so (it could have been at our backs but it wasn't very noticeable as a tailwind seldom is) and my splits were a few ticks slower per mile than last year and I knew it wouldn't be quite the race I had last year (knowing how the wind would be as the course headed back in the last couple miles) so I backed off after 2.5 and on the way back, I was just running to keep my lead at that point.  Amazingly, I ran 26:18 which with the wind (very hard headwind in the last 2 miles) is actually way faster than I thought I'd run.  I was only 16 seconds off what I ran last year and it was close to being perfect at that race.  It was my 4th win at Red's in 5 runs...  The only other '4 time winner' of the race is Mike O' I'm in good company for sure.

My history at Reds:

2016 - 26:18 (1st)
2015 - 26:02 (1st)
2011 - 25:25 (1st)
2010 - 25:56 (1st)
2009 - 27:16 (2nd)

Photos: Maine Running Photos on Flickr

Fosters Article:

Photo: David Colby Young: Maine Running Photos

Photo: David Colby Young: Maine Running Photos

Red's Start (by Kristin):

Red's Finish (by Kristin):

A kind of ho-hum week though aside from the race.  I really didn't do any runs of any significance and if I want to continue to get better, I need to get serious about my weekly runs at least a little bit or I'm going to start going backwards...Truth be told,  I'm not very motivated right now to run and certainly not to race or workout.  In all honestly I'm thinking about stopping just about every day and may end up doing just that sooner or later.  I'm kind of just hanging on and would rather be doing a lot of other things including doing just about anything w/ my girls... Now that the weather is getting better (I hope) and the days are getting longer, maybe I'll have more time and motivation to get out the door but really the passion for running and racing is dying pretty quick this year all of the sudden and I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to force myself to keep doing it. I kind of feel at this point that I'm wasting my time and that's not good.  Once the fire starts to burn out it becomes more of a hassle than an enjoyable hobby.  I am starting to kind of understand why/when people hang it up...Of course being back at the Red's race with my family was a step in the right direction.  Hopefully I can keep focusing on the positives....

After Red's we spent the day at my parents house helping them get ready for the year.  It was another fun day out with the family despite the chilly temps.

Hilarious picture of Morgan with her Mama

My Dad and I after the awards...

Didn't too too much diggin' this week as the weather was absolute crap for most of it...but I did manage to pluck my first 3 cent piece out of the ground right next to my house (under a plum tree next to the side door).  It's an 1876 3 cent piece of the nickel variety.  They actually made the nickel ones from 1865 to 1889.  The silver version (which a lot of people find and have no clue what it is) was minted from 1851-1873 and is still one of my dream coins to find....but I'll take this one any day.  Two cent coins are even rarer but 3 cent pieces are pretty weird by today's standards and a funny conversation piece for sure.  You can't tell from the photo but it's the size of a current dime.  I need to get a better camera to take closeups with...