Sunday, April 24, 2016

Week of April 18 - April 24 - Muddy Moose Trail Race

4th Muddy Moose race for me...2nd win.

Week of April 18 - April 24 - Muddy Moose Trail Race

April 18 (Monday) - AM: 6.2 miles snow-mo trails w/ Andy. Up to the Chimney from the road and then out to Youngs Hill and back (redlining another section I've never done).  Nice weather...ticks are definitely out in full force.
April 19 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles easy roads. PM: 11 miles as 3.1 mile warmup on the trails and then repeat miles with 400 jog in between. I did 3 solo and then 2 with Andy.  I also did half (2 laps) of another one of Andy's as we were staggered after he had to use the bathroom.  My 3 miles were 5:04 / 5:06 / 5:06 ...all into ridiculous wind.  Just seems always windy when I'm trying to run hard.  So the effort was definitely a little better than the numbers indicate.  The reps with Andy were 5:28 / 5:26 (he was gunning for 5:30 so I was just pulling him through).  The other half was at the same sub 5:30 pace.  All those felt ridiculously easy thank God.  Track laps for cooldown.  Doc Brown was also there doing some mile reps.  My hamstring popped something awful during the last lap of the cooldown. Had to stop and stretch and hobble the last bit.  Good timing.  Hammy/calf may become a serious issue though...
April 20 (Wednesday) - AM:  5 miles easy roads.  PM: 5.3 miles snow-mo trails w/ Ryan.  Hamstring clicking and tight the whole time.
April 21 (Thursday) - AM:  6.5 miles easy roads. Hamstring is bad.  Had to stop and hobble again. RIP Prince.
April 22 (Friday) - AM:  4 miles with pickups to try to see if I could race later in the day...plan was NHTI 5k but it was a no go.  Hamstring/calf was horrible.  Made a game time decision to not head down to Concord.
April 23 (Saturday) - off.  My birthday and was down in N.Andover w/ the family (it's my nephew's birthday weekend too so we had a family get-together at my sister's house.  Leg was bad.
April 24 (Sunday) - AM: 2 mile w/up + 13 mile race (Muddy Moose Trail Race - 1st OA - results) decided to forego the Maloney 10k because my leg was pretty much unusable. I could barley jog on the warmup without really bad pain.  I decided to give the trail race a go instead of trying to hammer 6.2 miles on the roads.  Every step was basically reminding me that I'm probably running myself into an early retirement.  Bad pain almost the entire race.  Felt like someone hit my calf with a baseball bat. Every once in a while the hamstring would light up with searing pain and my calf was pretty much the worst I think it's ever been other than maybe Dave's race in Winnikenni a few years back.  I probably should not have run but didn't want to go a weekend (in which I had 2 planned races) without a race.  I may avoid the track for a while and just try to get some tempo road stuff in, or some hill reps (once my leg heals of course).

Weekly Summary: 58 miles for the week on 6 days with one lingering injury.  1 race and one surprising win despite limping for 13 miles.

Not sure what the future has in store this week but I'm icing this as we speak (I also stood in b*lls cold water in my parent's lake for 20 minutes today as well)...may just try to heal up this week to salvage the start to the Seacoast Series this coming weekend... It was a good weekend for family stuff as we spent the day on Saturday down in MA at my sisters for my co-birthday party with my now 18 year old nephew (who's following in the Johnson tradition of going to U-Mass Lowell in the fall).  Then Sunday we spent the day in Wolfeboro and then Wakefield NH at my parents.  That's 2 different birthday cakes / celebrations on back to back days for those counting at home... I needed the extra miles on Sunday for sure.

In non-running news...yet another legend goes down.  Still hard to believe a few days later as I type this that one of the first artists I ever 'noticed' when I was very young, is now gone. I was super into music at a young age because of my brother and sister (10 and 9 years my seniors) and the corresponding MTV craze of the early/mid 1980s.  Prince was making music almost my entire life and I grew up watching his videos (and movie), and listening to his endless list of hits and deep cuts.  I have all his albums up until he turned his name into a symbol.... He was one of the best musicians and song writers of my time for sure and I was always just assuming he'd be here making music, giving legendary performances, and inspiring / influencing others...and now he's only a memory. I think this hit me harder than some of the other icons of my generation who have now passed on... Here are my favorite tracks that I can share on this family-oriented website :)...

First is my favorite track from the Hits/B-Sides release (disc 3)... It's a seldom heard track called '17 Days' (the full song is actually called '17 Days (The rain will come down, then U will have 2 choose. If U believe, look 2 the dawn and U shall never lose.)').  I remember getting this CD when I was in college and I gave it to the DJ upstairs at Axis to play one night, as he didn't have it and he hadn't even heard it before.  It was actually the B-side to Let's Go Crazy.  It's very tough to actually find online (you can't get it on Youtube as it seems to always be removed) for a quick stream so I uploaded the track here.  Requires Flash so if you're using an Iphone/Ipad you are out of luck...

Another is this gem from Purple Rain...

Here are my Beautiful Ones....