Monday, April 18, 2016

Week of April 11 - April 17 - SMA 5k

Week of April 11 - April 17 - SMA 5k

April 11 (Monday) - PM: 5 miles wet dirt roads/roads w/ Andy Drummond (2015-2016 Tuckerman Inferno Champ) and Squall.
April 12 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles wet dirt roads/trails w/ Andy.  Checked out Doc Brown's new trail...some cool views of Silver Lake.  VERY MUDDY.  PM: 8 miles hilly road/class vi road loop. Very wet in spots but good solid run with some serious climbs.  Actually ran in the sunshine which was strange.
April 13 (Wednesday) - AM:  5 miles roads.  PM:  8 miles.  Bailed on a track workout just 4 quarters in.  Felt terrible.  Have a touch of something and my stomach was off.  Wanted to run a dozen 71/72 quarters with 200 in between.  Got through 4 and had to jog off the track as I knew it would be too much of a struggle to run quick today.  Ran an angry run in the rec trail instead.  8 total.
April 14 (Thursday) - PM: 10.4 miles w/ Andy. Honest paced Lake bang.  Not feeling 100% but not terrible.
April 15 (Friday) - AM: 5 miles at lunch (trails and roads).  Feeling a little off.
April 16 (Saturday) - AM: 3.5 miles w/ up + 3.1 miles race (SMA 5k - 1st OA - 16:17) + 3 miles cooldown.  Then 4 hours of walking around in the woods.
April 17 (Sunday) - AM: 13 miles snow-mo trails from King Pine up to The Chimney in Freedom and back + a little add-on at KP.  Gorgeous weather.

Weekly Summary: 69 miles for the week with a race and a win.

A ho-hum week again but I'm looking to pick up the pace now that the weather seems a little better.  I had some issues with feeling run down, a stomach issue for a couple days, and a slight touch of what I think is just a head cold.

Despite all that, I got in another 5k effort in Dover on Saturday.  I ran the SMA 5k in Dover (results) for the second year in a row.  Last year the race was the day before Reds (and I ran both).  This year they were a week apart.  I ran 16:07 last year and was killing myself doing it. I ran hard and had Nate Huppe and a couple others pushing me during the early mile. This year I was on my own after about a block and had to contend with some good headwind in a couple spots.  The course also has a couple of decent hills.  Slightly uphill at the beginning for a while (and into the wind) and then a long uphill and another smaller climb during a very slow mile 2.  Mile 3 has got some flat and some downhill but also has the steepest hill on the course (though not too long).  I remember the course being slightly long too. Last year I was bummed, even though I won, because I was really looking to break 16. Up to that point I hadn't done it in 2015.  This year in 2016 I've already cracked 16 three times so I don't have that added pressure.  I've also done a couple of more challenging 5k courses where the effort was probably equivalent to a sub 16 so far this year but I'm definitely still behind where I was last year fitness-wise and it's my own fault.

This year's race, despite the wind, possibly being a tad long (the start and finish lines are exactly the same place), and me not feeling too great all week, went surprisingly well.  I didn't get a workout in this week because I felt like crap but that didn't seem to matter when the gun went off. I 'relaxed' during the first mile and still hit around 5:03/5:04 for the first mile which had a headwind and a net climb (long slow uphill after an initial drop).  The second mile is very slow but by that time I was just looking to hold on to the win.  The third mile went well and I was able to just keep rolling without killing myself and finished off with a 16:17 (only 10 seconds behind last year when I was really going for it).  I was glad to get another good race effort and situation in...and also pick up $125 for the W.  Good to have my girls there to support me and my parents who made their way down to another race.

Race article:

On the treasure hunting scene I found about 600 oxen shoes (a little exaggeration but probably not that far off), multiple axe heads and big lunky iron relics, etc.  But I did manage to find my first ever 2 cent piece.  They only made 2 cent-ers for 9 years (1864-1873) and they were the first coins to feature 'In God We Trust' on them.  I found an 1864 (first year).  It was a crusty mess when I found it but I cleaned it really good (too good) and it looked MINT for like 10 minutes...then it started to deteriorate when the air hit it and it started to dry.  Now it looks like sh*t.  But I did snap a couple pictures of it before it started to fall apart.  I am really bummed about how fragile it got and how flaky it became. Next time, if i ever find another one (that may never happen) I am not touching it and will let a professional help me out.

Snow still lingering in East Madison

S.O.S. pointing the way towards the Chimney and Heartbreak Hill

Looking towards Green Mountain

The Chimney
Chocorua, Passaconaway, and Whiteface.

Mt. Washington (snowcovered) in the background

Washington (zoomed)

The Chimney

The Ossipees (Mt. Shaw) and Ossipee Lake in the foreground

Gunstock Ski Area (zoomed) in the distance

The Chimney


The last of the trail up to the Chimney