Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week of March 14 - March 20 - Pursuit of the Holy Grail 5k

courtesy of Jason Saltmarsh (@Saltyruns)

Week of March 14 - March 20 - Pursuit of the Holy Grail 5k

March 14 (Monday) - AM: went to the Mill and waited 30 minutes while two people walked on the treadmills.  Finally blew out of there probably for the last time.  Time to get my own machine and figure out a place to put it so I don't have to deal with that again. PM: 5 miles with Andy and Squall on some trails in Madison.  Found basically the only place in the lower valley that has still got a foot of deep snow. It was crazy.  I never thought I'd be post-holing on a run again this year... snowed out the entire time and started to accumulate by the time we got back.  I took a bad spill right near the end of the run and hit my face on the ground.  Got covered in mud.  Awesome day.
March 15 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles roads in the rain.  PM: 11 miles workout with the middle as 6 x 1 mile @ 5:10 with 400 rest (7 min pace for rest)  Left leg was bothering me but I plowed through it.  Hamstring barked during the 5th one but I managed to get the planned 6 intervals in.
March 16 (Wednesday) - PM: 6 miles roads with Darin.
March 17 (Thursday) - AM: 5 miles roads and trails.  PM: 10 miles roads/trails w/ Darin.
March 18 (Friday) - PM: 8 miles roads with Darin and Nick.
March 19 (Saturday) - AM: 10 miles roads.  Warmup with DJ Ayotte then 5k race: Pursuit of the Holy Grail (results) (15:40 - 2nd OA) + cooldown w/ Derrick Hamel.
March 20 (Sunday) - PM: day off.  Felt really good after the race but felt like resetting and getting some rest in before starting another week.  Got 5 and a half hours of metal detecting in though...which is about 5 hours of walking around and staring at the I really got in a good rest day of actively standing/walking.

Weekly Summary: 60 miles for the week with 1 race, 1 day off, and 1 coin older than the United States....

OK week, good race, good workout.  I was very pleased with the mile repeats on Tuesday and then very pleased with the effort on Saturday.  Despite a little wind and brisk conditions, I managed to run my quickest 5k of the year so far.  I got SMOKED by Derrick Hamel but it's all good.  He ran a great race and broke the course record (and also PR'd).  He screwed past me just before the 1.5 mile mark (the first 1.5 miles are a big loop in some nice neighborhoods before the course drops down into Epping center and then climbs up to the Holy Grail restaurant near Rt. 125).  I just couldn't match his downhill pace but I really am happy with the run.  For my effort I picked up $75 for second.  That's $125 in race winnings (cash) in the last 2 weeks (2 second places which is starting to feel like the norm now that I'm old)... I'll take it!  Took the day off on Sunday as I had some treasure hunting to do at a new permission before the winter hits us again this week...

So on the treasure hunting scene, the week started off well with an 1876 Indian head cent recovered from the old tree stump on the north side of my house (during the week I only have time to get out for a little bit after work and running)... but then I really cut to the chase... I yanked a 1736 King George II colonial copper out of the back woods.  This was by far my best find so far... (video below the Indian).... My first thought is that it was a copper but I didn't want to say it.  I knew George II was looking left and I've seen enough videos of people pulling them out to know it could have been one....but I didn't want to sound like a jerkoff on the video so I played it cool (or at least tried to).  I never imagined there would be coins that old on my property.  I have found 1870s coins but this is 130+ years OLDER than that... crazy.  It opens up a whole new world of possibilities now for continuing to search my backyard.  My house was built in 1779 so it's definitely likely that a coin 'only' 43 years older than that would be floating around in someone's pocket. Considering the US didn't start minting coins until 1792/1793 (13 years after my house was built), it makes sense that the earliest settlers on our land would have had colonial copper coins.

1876 Indian

And now...the find of the week....or year....

...and below, Sunday's take wasn't anywhere near as good... but I did find a decent metal toy soldier (civil war soldier) from probably the 1970s.... and a couple of brass birds (still with old string tied to them)...I found the birds many yards apart from each other.   This was in a yard of an 1800s house in Freedom, NH.  I didn't find much else (an old Hotwheels car and some other odds and ends)... a few modern coins...a bullet...etc.... There's definitely more to be had there.... next time!

Some finds in a yard in Freedom, NH - 3/20/2016