Sunday, March 13, 2016

Week of March 07 - March 13 - Run Before You Crawl 5k

Run Before You Crawl 5k - Dover, NH - 3/12/2016

Week of March 07 - March 13 - Run Before You Crawl 5k

March 07 (Monday) - AM: 5 miles with Andy and Squall in the blizzard of 2016.  Snowing hard...microspike run in the snowmo trails off Lead Mine. Andy has a fractured sacrum so it was slower than usual.
March 08 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles roads. Moderate effort but started to feel awful. Gorgeous day. PM: 10 miles roads.  Middle 5 with Andy nice and easy.  Felt like crap.
March 09 (Wednesday) - PM: 10 miles (64:00). Felt like crap again.  Really dragging and zero energy.
March 10 (Thursday) - AM: 5 miles roads. Bypassed PM run. Feeling run down but not sick...just tired...not sure what's up.
March 11 (Friday) - AM: 5 miles roads with Darin. PM: 5 miles roads easy with Darin.
March 12 (Saturday) - AM: PM: 10.2 miles as 4 w/ up over course (+ strides and staying loose) then 5k race (Run Before You Crawl 5k - results) (2nd 16:18) then 5k cooldown over the course again.
March 13 (Sunday) - PM: 10.4 miles road with Darin.  Lake bang easy.

Weekly Summary: 65.6 miles for the week.

Not a great week as far as the way I felt for most of it and for no workouts and for a lot of shorter runs and lower mileage... however I had a fairly good race on Saturday down in Dover.  The times were a little slow but the course was a beast as far as 5ks go.  3 good hills (one long and one very steep) really slowed down the day. I ran the course as a warmup and was thinking I'd struggle to run 16:30... people were laughing at me when I was indicating I was going to just 'try to break 16'...  I ended up running shoulder to shoulder for about 2 miles with Kevin Greene and ended up running only 5 ticks behind him to the tune of 16:18 for 2nd place in a field of 933.  It was also a little breezy as well and seemingly bad on the long slow climb during mile 1.  The guy who won is a 3:44 1500 / 4:04 miler who graduated from UNH last year.  We ran side by side for just under 2 miles and during that steep climb up to the 2 mile mark he put about 8 or 9 seconds on me.  I caught him back a little on the downhill during mile 3 but couldn't close any closer over the last slight uphill bit to the finish.  My effort was better than last week's 15:51 on a pancake flat course for sure.  Definitely moving in the right direction.  I know the effort on a flat course would have been definitely faster than my An Ras Mor time last week... Got $50 for 2nd (I didn't even know there was money at the race).  Took Kristin and the girls out shopping in Dover to a few places and had some lunch with the family before heading back home...

Some video of the race courtesy of the lovely and talented Kristin.

The GREAT news is that the ground (for the most part) is thawed now (at least around my property).  I went out for a couple hours on Sunday after cleaning the yard and popped 2 old buttons (one with a design on it, the shank still in tact, and some gold guild) and three coins.  One of the coins was a nice 1927 wheat cent and the other was my second oldest coin found so far and that was an 1878 Indian head cent.  I knew it was an Indian when I popped it out of the ground. It was so caked with green and took me about 45 minutes to clean enough to make it out.  I rubbed the back too much and the 'one cent' started to pit away which is really annoying... but the front and the date are decent for the age and the fact it's been in the ground for God knows how long...

Front or Back?  This is what it looked like out of the ground...
Had a good feeling it was an Indian....
And I was right.... 1878!