Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week of February 29 - March 06 - An Ras Mor 5k

Week of February 29 - March 06 - An Ras Mor 5k

February 29 (Monday) - AM: 5 miles easy (flat roads) w/ Andy.  PM: 10 miles (hilly roads) w/ Andy.
March 01 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles roads.  PM: 6 miles.
March 02 (Wednesday) - AM: 5 miles.  PM: 10 miles - workout.  2 mile w/up in 14:00 and then 3 x 2 mile (@10:30) with 3:00 rest in between.  37:30 for 6.8 miles and then last 1.2 miles as a cooldown.  Last year on this day I did 4 of these only a few seconds slower but with far less rest.  I could have done another tonight but I scaled back a bit and opted for 3 slightly quicker but with a slightly longer rest.  I've been feeling a little beat over the last few days so I decided on just getting in 10 (60:28 for the 10 including the w/up + cooldown + and 'rest')... not bad.  Not a great 5k workout, but nothing can save me now.
March 03 (Thursday) - AM: 5.25 miles w/ Andy and Squall.  Easy run on the frozen tundra off Lead Mine w/ microspikes. Not sure why...just mixed it up a bit.  Beautiful sunshine but COLD!  Was going to get out later but opted to play My Little Pony instead.
March 04 (Friday) - AM: 5 miles.  PM: 8 miles roads.
March 05 (Saturday) - AM: 6 miles easy roads.
March 06 (Sunday) - AM: 11.6 miles (roads - Cambridge, MA) as 4.0 m w/up with K.Gorman and EJN (including strides) and then 5k race (An Ras Mor 5k - USATF-NE 5k Championship) (15:51 - 46th) and 4.5 m c/down with MacKnight, M.Quintal, and Nate Huppe.

Weekly Summary: 76.85 miles for the week.  Tried not to overload the miles this week and it felt like I ran nothing but short easy runs (other than the workout) but I still landed at near 80 so I'll take it.  Definitely a hard effort for the 5k on Sunday.  Harder than I've run in months so it was good to get the lead out.  I ran just about where I thought I would (15:51 chip time in a ugly starting situation a few very tight rows back).  I thought I'd be around 16:00 or just under...  I split 5:00 / 5:02 / 5:08 for the 3 mile splits and then 41 for the last .16.  Felt like I was laboring too much at 5 min pace but I didn't completely fall apart.  Managed to run fairly even though.  Had a slight kick at the end to pass 3 guys (that had passed me earlier in the race) on the last straightaway, so I had some fight in me.  After just about a mile and a half or so in, I never really got passed and just held my ground until passing a few guys near the end and some scattered carnage in the middle.  Definitely would have liked to run faster but it's only March 6...I've done really next to zero '5k' workouts and have just been doing miles and some half-marathon/marathon paced stuff... So to go under 16:00 with those types of splits in March...I'll take it.  Now I know exactly where I stand and can start targeting some workouts so I can keep up with some guys I should be keeping up with.

As far as the GP goes, the CMS men won with a great 15:10 average for the top 5.  I was 7th guy. I had thought 7th or 8th would be about where I'd be and I was right on.  I would have had to run 15:28 to score (that was Scott Leslie's 5th place CMS finish).  I'm not there yet...I'll run that this year, but just not anytime soon.  By that time though, Scott will be running 15:00 :). So it won't even matter.  It was great seeing the team do so well, in such a good field.  I was proud to be at least part of it, though I think I may be just biding my time before I join the masters team.... To 'celebrate' (and to break up the 5 hours I had to spend in the car total today to go to/from Cambridge, MA) I got a chocolate covered donut at Dunkins on the way back.  It was beautiful.  Now...on to Spring.

Last corner..... 0.1 to go...

The side yard is starting to look like Spring on Sunday afternoon!  Tabby's snowman has seen better days. Hopefully this is all gone after this week.