Sunday, February 28, 2016

Week of February 22 - February 28

Week of February 22 - February 28

February 22 (Monday) - PM: 5 miles easy.
February 23 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles easy.  PM: 15 miles as 2.5 m w/up (18:00) + 10 mile tempo (56:38) + 2.5 m c/dwn (20:00).  Felt incredible cardio-wise.  Again, like last week, almost like it wasn't even a workout.  The only thing that bothered me is that my legs are very banged up. That hilly long run and higher week last week was still lingering in my hamstrings and calves.  Normally I would have bailed on the workout tonight, my legs hurt so bad... but I'm kind of done with not doing the work and not being serious, so I sucked it up and got it done without any real issues.  The speed isn't really there yet I don't think, but my strength is good right now.  If I steer clear of trampolines this Spring, I may actually continue to get stronger and may eventually race fast again.
February 24 (Wednesday) - PM:  10 miles.
February 25 (Thursday) - AM: 5 miles.  PM: 10 miles (69:30) with Andy on the roads down near the foot of Silver Lake... with 4 x 1 mile uptempo in the middle.  The first was supposed to be around 6 minutes just to get the legs going... and then the next 3 were supposed to be at 5:30.  Splits ended up being 5:56 / 5:21 / 5:20 / 5:18.  A little over a quarter mile rest in between each (continuous). Then a cooldown back to the car (plus a little add-on).  Felt decent although my legs are definitely feeling Tuesday's effort still.  A tiny amount of headwind on the last mile and sand  covered roads were the only obstacle...otherwise, the neighborhood loop we did was great.  Not one car the entire time.
February 26 (Friday) - AM: 5 miles easy.
February 27 (Saturday) - AM: 10 miles (65:35).
February 28 (Sunday) - PM: 6 miles easy.  Felt really tired so I decided to shorten the run and end the week easy.

Weekly Summary: 71 miles for the week.  Another winter week down, another snowshoe race cancelled (Beaver Brook became a trail race).  The only good news there is that the scoring was adjusted in the series (because of the cancellations) to scale down the 'best 4' to the 'best 3'.  My 3 wins in the GSSS series this year (the only 3 races that were held so far and possibly all winter) got me the series title again (still 'unofficial').  It's my 8th year in a row as Granite State Snowshoe Champion.  With the weekend free from racing, it gave me the ability to get a couple of 'workouts' in (or at least a couple of harder-than-normal efforts) and some ok miles but scaled it back just a little bit.  I want to make it out of the winter unscathed.

In treasure hunting news (believe it or not), I got out for about an hour early in the week, scouting out the yard and woods where the snow was very thin or gone (under some heavy tree cover) and the ground is just too damn frozen obviously.  In the little exposed areas we do have, the top layer is an inch of very soft grass and dirt and then the frost layer is basically from there down and impenetrable.  Despite warm temps and occasional rain, the small parts of the exposed ground are just too frozen.  I did manage to take a few swings in the driveway (which is plowed), where I have NEVER hunted before.  My driveway is hardpacked dirt and gravel so it's impossible to dig even the smallest of hole there when the ground is dry.  I never stopped to think how easy it will be to dig in the driveway during the 'mud season'.  There was a very small patch of mud where we park the cars.  The ground was soft enough to actually dig a little bit more before hitting the frost layer.  I actually got a couple coins within a couple feet of each other in this very small section.  I wasn't sure how 'old' anything would be in the driveway, as it is probably just fill from not too long ago (70s, 80s, etc).  But it was worth a try and was my only option.  I first yanked a 1982 memorial out (copper) and then to my complete shock, a 1909 Wheat cent.  1909 was the first year of the Lincoln penny (first year of the Wheatie).  It was also the last year of the Indian head cent.  They made both in 1909.  The cool thing is that my buddy Kent pulled a 1909 Indian out of my front yard late last summer and I found this 1909 Wheat in the driveway.  That's both 1909 pennies in the yard so far.  Pretty cool.  No visible VDB mark on it though :(.

1909 Wheat Cent.  Was completely covered in a nice green patina but I rubbed most of it off to see the detail and date.

Then midweek we got a bunch more snow....then it warmed up, rain, and melted.  Same old story this winter.  Not enough to free up the solid ground from winter's grasp just yet...but certainly in the next few weeks (short of getting more snow) we should be swingin' n' diggin' with some regularity.  I did a brief additional evaluation in the driveway on Friday afternoon and then again on Sunday and it seemed not much better.  Pulled a bullet and a clad dime out from the softest spots on Friday and then pulled a colonial musket ball out of the edge of the driveway/side yard on Sunday.  That was a pretty cool find. Tons of signals but they are too deep and will have to wait.

Lead colonial musket ball

Solid 10 tempo