Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week of February 15 - February 21

Week of February 15 - February 21

February 15 (Monday) - PM: 10 miles easy.
February 16 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles easy.  PM: 10 miles (59:48).  2.5 m w/up (slowly increasing tempo) into a block of 27:30 for 5 miles (5:30 pace) and then an uptempo last 2.5 (cooldown) to sneak in 10 in under 60 min.  Felt really good, almost like it wasn't even a workout.  No issues and the 5:30 pace felt like I could have held for another 5 miles without issue, which is a great sign.
February 17 (Wednesday) - PM: 10 miles. 
February 18 (Thursday) - AM: 5 miles. PM: 6 miles roads (moderately quick as I was not in the mood to run for some reason).
February 19 (Friday) - AM: 5 miles roads. PM: 10 miles roads (69:15) with Andy. Paved and icy dirt roads.
February 20 (Saturday) - PM: 10 miles pretty late in the day.
February 21 (Sunday) - PM: 15.6 miles paved and dirt roads with Andy.  Madison to Maine run + the big Freedom loop. 2700 ft. of climbing on this badboy. Killer loop (but shortened a little from the normal run due to where we parked).  Moderate to easy for most of it. Climbs still hurt though.  Good end to the week.  Officially renaming this loop the 'Off-leash dog loop' due the the unreal amount of loose-ass dogs that roam those roads.

Weekly Summary: 86.6 miles for the week.

No snowshoe race this weekend (Exeter was cancelled)... so I decided just to get runs in because frankly that's just what it takes.  Vitamin M.  Mileage.  Bob Wiles' PED of choice.  Got in a decent moderate workout and a nice 'long' run.  6 runs of 10 or more is a good week for me at this point.  We got a nice six inches or so of new snow on Saturday so it was a great day outside w/ the girls...but Spring is coming for sure.

Tabby striking a pose with her snowman on Saturday