Sunday, February 7, 2016

Week of February 1 - February 7

Week of February 1 - February 7

February 1 (Monday) - AM: 5 miles easy roads. PM: 5 miles easy roads.
February 2 (Tuesday) - AM: 5 miles easy roads. PM: 10 miles on the mill as 4 easy and then 6 x 800 @ 5:00 pace with 1 min @ 7:30 pace in between for the rest and then cooldown.  Went through 5k in 16:54.  4 miles in 22:40 or so (actual workout ended before 4 miles and the rest was garbage up to 4 mile mark)... last couple miles easy.  1 min rest really was less as I had to slow down the pace and pick up the pace during that 1:00 to make sure the 800s were fully 2:30 in duration at 5:00 pace.  So the rest in reality was more like 40 seconds...
February 3 (Wednesday) - AM: 5 miles easy. PM: 8 miles. Was on a work call until almost 7pm and only had time for a quick 8 before the mill closed.
February 4 (Thursday) - PM: 12 miles easy roads (2 solo and then 10 with Kevin L. Tilton, LLS. Staff Surveyor) from Ranger Station on the Kanc, down West Side / Passaconway / and some neighborhoods (headlamp).  Was on a work call from 8am until 3:30pm.  So needless to say I didn't get out for a morning/lunch run.
February 5 (Friday) - AM: 5 miles easy. PM: 10 miles.
February 6 (Saturday) - PM: 5 miles easy.
February 7 (Sunday) - AM: PM: 10 miles as 3.5 mile w/up + 4 mile race (4th Down and 4 miler - 1st OA) + 2.5 mile c/dwn.

Weekly Summary: 80 miles for the week.

Not a bad week for February. Another week of at least 80 with a decent workout and an OK race on Sunday down in Concord, NH at the NHTI campus.  It was my first time running the 4th Down and Four Miler (results).  Not quite as fast as I would have liked for the 4 miler though. I thought I'd run 20 high (so at least sub 21) but alas it wasn't meant to be.  It was a tad windy the entire time but mainly I was just not as fast as I was hoping.  I had 4.04 on my Garmin for the race so I know the course was good...and it was pretty flat except the 2x up and over Route 93 on the bridge.  I just went out a little too hot for my fitness and because I was all alone, I had a hard time keeping the turnover going.  I went out at 5:04 and it just got a bit slower from there.   I did run pretty hard over the last quarter to try to dip down under 21 but just missed it at 21:03.  At first I was pretty disappointed despite getting the win, but the more I thought about it, the more I realize that I was under 16:30 for the 5k with another mile to go and I wasn't a complete bag of crap while doing it...I guess if I feel flat and still run 21 minutes, that's tolerable.  It's only the first week of February and typically this time of year I am just snowshoe racing so I really have no way of knowing how fast I usually am during the dead of winter.  I think this result is probably pretty good, all things considered.  Usually I don't run faster, shorter road races in the winter so this is probably a typical result if I was to do this more often mid-winter.  I'm glad I did it though. I need to keep getting in races to stay sharp.  If I don't race and put myself in those situations, I get pretty rusty both physically and mentally.

After the race, I shot over to Portsmouth to attend the Six03 kickoff party for a bit. I didn't stay too long but did get to talk to some folks including Andy Schachat and surprisingly a 'confused' Brandon Newbould was just there to hangout with Eric Narcisi (who stood him up).  It was good quickly catching up w/ people and then grabbing a bunch of awesome gear for this upcoming year.  It was an awesome spread put on by Six03 with good food, drinks, vendors, etc. (that's pretty typical for this club from what I've seen).  I then made a quick stop at Toys R Us for some Ponies and Paw Patrol stuff (not for me) before heading back home to cap off a good week.