Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week of January 11 - January 17

The fam at Whitaker Woods

Week of January 11 - January 17

January 11 (Monday) AM: 5 miles easy with some walking afterwards.  PM: 9.2 miles relatively easy with Andy up and down to Chocorua Village and back.  Short walk after.  Brisk!
January 12 (Tuesday) AM: 5 miles easy. PM: 10 miles  continuous as 4 mile warmup + 6 x 800 at 5:00 pace with .25 rest in between each + 1.75 mile cooldown. Not terribly hard physically but I haven't run 5:00 pace for anything any time recently so it was good to know it's there.   Going that hard does seem a little jarring on the legs right now, but it was a good test to see how they handle the pounding and the increased mileage.  I did this same workout exactly 1 year ago today but I did a slightly shorter rest in between each 800 then. I didn't want to go overboard with my recent issues so I ran a little slower on my recovery quarters in between this time around.  Good first workout of 2016 despite a little soreness each interval in the lower legs but nothing that prevented me from getting it in.
January 13 (Wednesday) PM: 8 miles easy w/ Andy. Cold!
January 14 (Thursday) AM: 5 miles easy. PM: 10 miles - moderate hill workout just to mix it up and because I forgot my iPod.  8 miles of level 10 hill circuits on the treadmill.  It was 1 min on/off.  The 'offs' were at 1.5 % and the ons were cycling 4.5, 5.5, 6.5, 7.8% and then repeat.  The 1.5% was all at 9mph.  The 4.5/5.5 were also at 9mph and for the 6.5, and 7.8% I scaled back to 8.7mph so it wasn't so bad but all under 7 min pace to keep the legs moving.  Worked up a sweat but it wasn't difficult at all.  A good light workout if nothing else.  2 additional miles as a 'cooldown'.  68:23 for the 10 miles total.
January 15 (Friday) PM: 8 miles easy
January 16 (Saturday) AM: 2.5 mile w/ up on snowshoes over the course with Chris Mahoney and Andy Drummond + Race: Whitaker Woods Snowshoe Race (3.9 miles) - 1st OA. 26:29.  + 2.2 mile cooldown on snowshoes with Chris and the Narcisi brothers.  8.6 miles total, all on the Dion 121s.
January 17 (Sunday) - off (super sore Achilles from the race).  Had college friends visiting from down in MA and my foot was pretty sore all day long.  Planned on getting a run in later in the day after letting it rest but it didn't feel good enough to push on it even for some light miles so I decided it was good to finish up the week with some rest.

Weekly Summary:  68.8 miles for the week.

As noted, the Achilles was destroyed by late on Saturday.  I could barely walk around by late afternoon.  It was killing me all Saturday night and actually kept me up.  I got up super early on Sunday because I couldn't take it anymore and had to get up and ice and stretch.  It took all day to get only slightly better.  It definitely is reacting to the snowshoes and the fact that my first effort at all on them this season was a race.  It probably would have been better if I did at least one other easier run on them before Saturday.  Other than that, it was a good week for a January for sure. Considering how I started off the year, I'll take it.  Three days of doubles and a decent couple of 'workouts' with some ok mileage to start moving in the right direction after having some leg issues.  Started off the racing year on the right foot with a win at Whitaker (my 4th win in 6 years there).  I will probably do a short writeup in a day or so.  It's too bad about having to take Sunday off, but it's actually an ok step to take a rest day after the previous two weeks of only 3 and then 50.  Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be able to get back into some easy miles and salvage a normal week of workouts.

Here's some brief footage of the start of the race...taken from basically 50 feet apart from each other but from two different viewpoints:

Warming up w/ Mike Narcisi and acknowledging my little ones..