Sunday, January 3, 2016

Week of December 28 - January 03

Week of December 28 - January 03

December 28 (Monday) - off
December 29 (Tuesday) - off 
December 30 (Wednesday) - off
December 31 (Thursday) - off
January 01 (Friday) - 3 miles very very easy.  I'm surprised cars didn't stop to ask me if I needed a ride, I was running so slow.  Some walking afterwards.
January 02 (Saturday) - off
January 03 (Sunday) off

Weekly Summary: 3 miles for the week.  To quote Bob Wiles from exactly 5 years ago this week.... 'I'm a hot mess'.   I did ride the bike this week, so I wasn't a complete slob on the off days, but I don't count that as really anything.  I may start another blog called 'doublejbiking' if it comes to it.  Boatloads of massage and stretching this week as well.


  1. -Sigh- I see we're both starting the year off well...Heal quick!

  2. Thanks boys. I expect BIG things out of both of you this year...on one side, the old guard (Judson) will show everyone that boys our age can still pressure, but a fast marathon is in the cards for sure. On the young buck side, Matt will be cracking 16 with regularity this year (unless he runs only the typical 'long' Millennium courses). That will be good to see. By the Dover series, it will be a who's who of 15:xx (with red singlets on)... But aside from my soothsaying, Matt, what's up with you right now?